Saturday, January 22, 2011

ADP and HR Leaders

Let’s look at the HR leaders from last year. First guess how many players hit at least 20 diggers in 2010. (Da Da dum dum...Jeopardy Theme) The answer is 77. I guessed 85. Sorry, the one closest to the actual retail price without going over wins. For some reason I have game shows stuck in my mind...I need baseball to start. As you will notice everyone from our 100+ RBI club made the 20+ HR club, not surprising.  Our range of ADP is from Pujols at 1.2-399.5 with Russell Branyan. There are 9 players with an ADP of over 300. It shows me that some power can be had late in drafts, even with your last pick. Some value should start to trickle in once we establish our Run and Average leaders vs ADP. Stay tuned.

Jose Bautista5453.7
Albert Pujols421.2
Paul Konerko3970.6
Adam Dunn3850.2
Miguel Cabrera383.1
Joey Votto377.1
Carlos Gonzalez346.7
Mark Teixeira3314.2
Dan Uggla3352.6
David Ortiz32168.5
Josh Hamilton3211.8
Prince Fielder3222.1
Mark Reynolds32141.8
Vernon Wells31100.8
Adrian Gonzalez318.6
Corey Hart31108.7
Ryan Howard3115.9
Alex Rodriguez3015.9
Vladimir Guerrero2991.1
Rickie Weeks2940.7
Nick Swisher29225.9
David Wright2910.1
Robinson Cano299.7
Adrian Beltre2849.9
Carlos Pena28205.7
Matt Holliday2822.8
Matt Kemp2822.7
Jayson Werth2752.8
Luke Scott27346.6
Chris Young27184.1
Troy Tulowitzki274.6
Aubrey Huff26108.2
Aaron Hill26197.2
Carlos Quentin26215.6
Kelly Johnson26113.3
Mike Napoli26126.9
Jim Thome25393.1
Aramis Ramirez25103.2
Russell Branyan25399.5
Adam LaRoche25204.4
Ryan Zimmerman2521.1
Hunter Pence2585.2
Ryan Braun2512.1
Jay Bruce2579.1
Alfonso Soriano24101.6
Carlos Lee24126.9
Juan Uribe24298.2
Curtis Granderson2465.1
Torii Hunter2394.2
Alex Gonzalez23158.1
Andre Ethier2338.5
Adam Lind23190.5
Colby Rasmus2395.2
Casey McGehee23107.6
J.D. Drew22325.8
Ty Wigginton22278.2
Shin-Soo Choo2227.5
Nelson Cruz2232.9
Evan Longoria224.9
Drew Stubbs22203.2
Mike Stanton22138.7
Michael Young2176.8
Hideki Matsui21329.1
Alex Rios2165.3
Edwin Encarnacion21388.8
Jason Kubel21143.3
Delmon Young21104.6
Hanley Ramirez212.1
Brian McCann2129.9
Garrett Jones21355.4
Scott Rolen20195.8
Bobby Abreu20122.1
Pat Burrell20391.7
Lyle Overbay20397.8
Victor Martinez2029.4
John Buck20216.9
Tyler Colvin20258.8

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