Friday, January 14, 2011

Closer Strategy

   Closers are the one position I try and hoard come draft time and then continue to pick up throughout the year due to demotion or injury. The only way to win in fantasy baseball is when you have the upper hand in terms of numbers. Closers are a finite commodity in fantasy baseball. Look at it this way, in a 12 team league you have 30 true closers to choose from (one on each Major League team) so that is 2.5 per fantasy team on average. If you can draft 3, 4, or even 5 you now have a major advantage to start the season. It not only gives you a chance to jump to a commanding lead in a category (saves) but it also limits your competition from fielding these players.
   Closers not only contribute in Saves but also in Ks. Think Carlos Marmol 138K last year, Bronson Arroyo had 121K as a starter. How about Wins? Billy Wagner had 5 wins by the All-Star Break King Felix had 6 wins. The point is to not just think saves when drafting a RP. You will also be blocking an opponent from one of the limited selections for this important stat.
   If you do not trust this strategy remember that on average 10 closers lose their job due to injuries, ineffectiveness and managerial chess games throughout the season. That gives you an opportunity to pick up one on waivers unless he is already hand-cuffed on an opponents team. Even if you partake in that strategy it gives you a chance at a new closer every 20 days on average…guess how many saves I just picked up in those 20 days?
   Tomorrow I will have an early look at what closers are locked into their positions without much competition and what teams are undecided.
So…Do you agree, disagree or want to kick me in the knee over this type of strategy? Let’s hear your take in a comment.

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