Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mock Draft

Early mock drafting is a fantastic practice for everyone to get into during these cold winter days.  Mock drafting will greatly benefit you by gaining insight on other’s draft strategies, value of players, and the practice of knowing a players average draft position. When participating in mock drafts try drafting from different positions. It does you no good to slot yourself in the 5th spot every draft if come draft day you are drafting 11th.
Try targeting a few key statistics early to see how it plays out. For instance in an early draft target HR, BA, and SB. Then in your next draft target a different group of stats like K, ERA, and R. This type of stat targeting may surprise you. See how runs on certain positions take hold and in what round. I like to know who is drafting on either side of me. I check their team as they draft and try to speculate on their next player to be drafted or a position they will be trying to fill. The thing to remember is to use this time to gain an advantage come draft day.
I just concluded a mock draft last night. I want to thank the ROTOPROFESSOR and his writers for the invite. It was a standard 12 team 5x5 with 2C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, 5OF, MI, CI, Util, 9P, and 5 bench spots.  I drafted from the fifth position. Here is a complete run down of the draft. Draft Results 
Tomorrow we will break down rounds and values from this mock draft.

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