Saturday, January 8, 2011

Top 15 2nd Basemen

1. Robinson Cano - Yankees
2. Chase Utley -Phillies
3. Dustin Perdroia-Red Sox
4. Dan Uggla - Braves
5. Ian Kinsler _ Rangers
6. Brandon Phillips - Reds
7. Rickie Weeks - Brewers
8. Brian Roberts - Oriloes
9. Martin Prado - Braves
10. Gordon Beckham - White Sox
11. Aaron Hill - Blue Jays
12. Neil Walker - Pirates
13. Kelly Johnson - D'Backs
14. Ben Zobrist - Rays
15. Chone Figgins - Mariners
The Whys:
  • Cano will be the only full time 2B to hit over .300 this year. In that line up pencil him in for 100 Runs and RBI.
  • Utley may be getting older but he still can be a 20/20 guy. If we extrapolate his stats from his injury season of last year he goes 22HR 95RBI 105R and 18SB for the full season. Keep him healthy and he performs.
  • Pedroia will be batting lead-off this year with Crawford, Gonzalez, Youkilis and Ortiz behind him. This team will score, score and score some more. They may average 6 runs a game. 120 runs is not out of the question. He will add a little pop and steal close to 20.
  • Uggla will continue his 30+ HR seasons for the 5th consecutive time. Look for a decline in his average because he will be swinging for the fences to justify the new contract.
  • Kinsler has always been the poor man's Utley. Power and speed are there but can he stay healthy? He has only played over 131 games once in his career. So when you draft him think of Utley  but only playing 80% of his games.
  • Phillips played the 2nd most games of his career in 2010 but only had 59 RBI. Not bad for a 2nd baseman but who knows where Dusty (weak manager) bats him. Will he hit leadoff or cleanup? Still a solid 15/15 guy this year but don't count on RBI production.
  • Weeks finally lived up to the 2nd overall draft pick of 2003. Last year was the first time he ever had over 46 RBI in a season. Once thought of as a power and speed guy but he only had 11 SB in 15 attempts in 2010. I have heard the Brewers management state they will run and run some more this year so we might see a spike in the SB. Keep in mind Weeks did K 184 times last year. By far the most for a leadoff hitter.
  • Roberts may be somewhat under the radar this year after missing most of 2010. He has averaged 102 runs a year for his career. Now with the acquisition of Reynolds, DLee, and Hardy the Orioles may be a .500 team and score some runs. At 33 we will not see the 30+ SB ever again but he could be a 10/25 guy. 
  • Prado has 1B,2B,3B eligibility entering the season but will play LF for Atlanta. Once he picks up eligibility in the OF he will be an even  greater asset in H2H leagues. You can plug him into any roster space on your team. He has no category he especially excels in but contributes to all.
  • Beckham was definitely better during the dog days of summer last year. He hit .310 post All-Star break with an OPS of .887. Where he hits in the lineup will dictate his RBI/R this year. I see Ozzie starting him in the 7th or 8th hole early in the year to keep the pressure off him. Last year he was in the 2 hole to start the year and could move back there by June.
  • Hill had the worst BABIB in the majors last year. A career .270 hitter will not his .205 again. So if you want 25 HR and 80 RBI guy who will hit .270 at 2nd base here he is.
  • Walker put up 12 HR and 66 RBI in only 110 games last year. That translates to 18 HR and 95 RBI for a full season. Will he be able to adjust to the adjustments the pitchers will make against him? I think he starts a little slow but then shows why he was a 1st round pick out of high school. Remember though the Pirates will be the worst team in the NL this year.
  • Johnson was a waiver wire pick up last year for most leagues. Can he duplicate last years numbers? I see a small regression but still solid stats for your 2nd baseman or MI.
  • Zobrist has multiple position eligibility again and can get you 25 SB. Where did the average go and hide last year? Do not expect more than .250 average but he could sneak back to a 15/25 guy.
  • Figgins had the horrendous start last year but post All-Star he reverted back to his career numbers .287 and ended up with 42 SB. The mariners will not be as bad as last year. Look for a bump in R and RBI for him, he may also pick up 3B eligibility.
So do you agree, disagree or want to kick me in the knee after reading these projections? Hit me up with a comment.


  1. Just curious, if you are projecting Hill to bounce back to a 270 hitter with 25 hrs again, why is he not ranked higher. I agree with your assessment of him, but if his avg goes up, his rbi should too. If he hits 270-25-90, wouldn't that put him ahead of Beckham and Roberts at least?

  2. Good points Bruce. I feel Roberts will contribute with a higher average (.285), more runs (100+), and 20+ more SB. Hill will not get you any SB but has more power. His Runs will be mid 70s. I do think Hill and Beckham have the same ceiling across all catagories. I personally look for the most contributing stats as possible from my 2nd baseman/middle infielders. If we are talking keeper leagues you have to figure in age of player as well. If thats the case I would give Beckham the nod in that format. Would I want Hill to fill my MI betcha!!

  3. See the sb point is what kinda throws me, your list is good but, I think you can find plenty of speed elsewhere. I think there power is harder to find.