Sunday, January 30, 2011

Top 30 SP 11-20

As you may see this group is dominated by NL pitchers. I have for years concentrated my pitching staff to be geared towards the senior circuit. Last year 36 pitchers with at least 26 starts had an ERA under 3.60. Guess how many of those pitchers toed the rubber for the NL? It was an unbelievable 24. That should show you that when comprising your pitching staff this year two out of every three starters should come from the NL if you want to win your leagues ERA catagory. In addition the NL now has Cliff Lee, Zack Greinke, and Shawn Marcum to boot.

My projections for 2011

11. Clayton Kershaw-LAD143.661.288.8
12. Justin Verlander-Tigers143.671.298.2
13. Chris Carpenter-Cards143.521.226.5
14. Mat Latos-Padres113.441.198.1
15. Yovani Gallardo-B'crew133.911.349.2
16. Max Scherzer-Tigers133.931.288.8
17. Tommy Hanson-Braves123.491.228.1
18. Adam Wainwright-Cards113.331.197.7
19. Ubaldo Jimenez-Rockies133.551.277.9
20. Roy Oswalt-Phillies143.661.226.9

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