Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 40 Outfielders 11-20

11.  Hunter Pence – Astros
12.  Jose Bautista – Blue Jays
13.  Andre Ethier – Dodgers
14.  Adam Jones – Orioles
15.  Andrew McCutchen – Pirates
16.  Jason Heyward – Braves
17.  Alex Rios – White Sox
18.  Curtis Granderson - Yankees
19.  Ichiro – Mariners
20.  Colby Rasmus – Cardinals

The Whys:        
  •  Pence will be hitting 3rd this year with Berkman gone and El Cabio declining in skills. He will have more opportunities to drive in runs to go along with his emerging power and consistent speed. Should easily join the 20/20 club.
  • Bautista was covered in the Top 3rd Basemen here.
  • Ethier had that white hot start last year before hurting his finger. He will be back to his 30 HR 100RBI .300 season while batting cleanup for the Dodgers.
  • Jones will be fixture atop the improved Orioles lineup. He will have DLee and Reynold batting behind him so he will get pitches to hit. At still the young age of 25 this will be the season he emerges as one of the top hitting Center Fielders in the AL East.  Look for 25 HR 75RBI 85R to go with a dozen SB.
  • McCutchon put up 94 runs for a bad team last year. They are not much better this year but the Dreadlocked Pirate will improve in all other counting categories. Look for a bump in HR and him pushing the 40 SB mark.
  • Heyward looked like the Man Child last year. I actually drafted Heyward last year but dropped him after I saw Marmol completely confuse him and make him miss that slider by 2 feet on 3 consecutive pitches. At that time he was still only 20 years old. Look for a slow start but do not get discouraged he will break out with power and speed, make the All Star team and end up batting clean up at 21.
  • Rios never gets the respect I feel he deserves. He was one of three last year to join the 20/30 club. He will hit anywhere from 3rd to 5th with Konerko and Dunn around him. Another 20/30 season? Yes. More runs scored? Yes. Hawk Harrelson impression when he gets drafted? Yes....He Gawn!!
  • Granderson will keep reaching that short porch in Yankee stadium and still struggle against lefties. 20 HR vs Righties 4 vs Lefties last year. He will always give you double digit steals and score runs in that forceful Yankees lineup.
  • Ichiro just hits and hits and hits some more. Do you want a guy who can hit .340 and steal 40? Ichiro plays for the stats at times and has a few milestones coming this year. 100th HR...needs 10, 500SB needs 17, 300 Doubles needs 42 that may be a stretch though. Should be back to 100 runs scored if that team can hit at all.
  • Rasmus reminds me a young Jim Edmunds. When Edmunds was his age he hit 33HR and 107 RBI. I do not think 27HR and 90 RBI is out of the question. Rasmus will also throw in 15 steals just to make his trade value higher when LaRussa gets tired of him.
So...Do you agree, disagree or want to kick me in the know over this second batch of top outfielders? Leave me a comment.

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