Thursday, January 13, 2011

Top 40 Outfielders 31-40

31.  Corey Hart – Brewers
32.  Nick Markakis – Orioles
33.  Vernon Wells – Blue Jays
34.  Juan Pierre – White Sox
35.  Angel Pagan – Mets
36.  Carlos Quentin – White Sox
37.  Michael Bourn – Astros
38.  Lance Berkman – Cardinals
39.  Desmond Jennings – Rays
40.  Jason Bay - Mets
The Whys:
  • Hart for some reason decided to quit running and start using his power stroke. Last year were career highs in 31HR and 102RBI. He batted lead-off one season but if the Brewers want this type of production again from Hart he will be hitting 5th or 6th behind the true bombers of Braun and Fielder. Twice Hart has had 23 SB seasons so we know the speed is there. Like I posted earlier, Brewers management has stated they will run and run some more this year. Therefore Hart may return to a 20/20 guy with 80RBI.
  • Markakis has the potential to put up monster numbers but seems more like a doubles machine year in and year out. He has that stellar OBP of .368 and now will be in a better line-up. He will be 27 this year which we all know is that magical breakout age. Look for 18HR 86RBI with 45 doubles batting at .300 this season.
  • Wells has never been a big favorite of mine but for the last decade he has averaged 26HR 95 RBI and a .280 average. He will not hurt you anywhere so grab him.
  • Pierre has put up four 200 hit seasons a nine 40+ SB seasons over the last decade. If you are targeting H, SB, and R he is solid.
  • Pagan finally secured a full time job and should continue to thrive a top of the Mets line up. ook for a 15HR and 40 SB season.
  • Quentin is a good compliment to a Pierre-Bourne type of player. Quentin only has a 18% K rate to go along with a 11% BB rate. He puts the ball in play and has a good eye. Can he stay healthy? If yes then expect a big RBI season from him and the ChiSox.
  • Bourn needs to just slap the ball on the ground and leg out and extra 2-3 hits a month to be a .290 hitter. He will cut down his Ks and work the count to walk more this year. He will be a 60+ SB guy.
  • Berkman will not have OF eligibility for a couple of weeks but slide him into your utility slot until then. A career .296  switch hitter with a lifetime .954 OPS hitting in the Cardinals lineup...I will be drafting him.
  • Jennings may be a reach here but he should bat lead off and is a clone (in the eyes of baseball scouts) of Carl Crawford + more power.
  • Bay is too good of a player to have put up those pathetic numbers last year. He will fall deep in your draft but keep an eye on him, he will rebound this year and reward you with solid numbers across the board. 


  1. I think Markakis is one of the best values on your outfield list.

  2. Im a big Markakis fan and wanted to post him higher but just couldn't justify the ranking. Look back at 07' when he was just 23: 43Doubles 23HR 112RBI 18SB .300BA I absoultely think he can duplicate those numbers again sometime in his career. He could be hitting anywhere from 2nd-6th in that revamped line-up, for fantasy purposes we would like him hitting 3rd and running.