Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Worthy Of Drafting After Returning From Injury?

For the next week or so we will examine players from every position who are returning after lengthy, if not season ending, injuries. We will examine players from both leagues, their current ADP, possible alternatives, and finally giving a green light to draft them.  Today we review two right fielders.
AL Nelson Cruz: ADP (32) the 8th OF off the board. Cruz missed a total of 54 games last season and spent three different stints on the DL because of nagging hamstring injuries. He also missed time in 2009 with an ankle injury. Due to the reoccurring injuries he has skipped winter ball this year. According to the Rangers, Cruz is “learning” to run upright. Will this slow him down or just keep him from stealing bases?  He also has a goal to stay healthy. Nice goals Nelson since you have never played in more than 128 games. When healthy he is a monster at the plate, like crushing 33 HR in 09’. He is the epitome of the late bloomer, now at 31 this year he has all the tools to be dominating. Let’s take a step back and see what we are drafting. A career .273 hitter, only 1 season over 22HR, someone who is changing their running style for a team that doesn’t really want him running, and consistently going to the DL. Cruz’ goal is to stay healthy and my goal is mock anyone who takes him in round 2 or 3. I like any of the next 6 OF coming off the board after him.

NL Tyler Colvin: ADP (328) the 55th OF off the board. Colvin was treated for pneumothorax, a puncture of the chest cavity, which allowed air into the chest wall and then resulting in a collapsed lung, this happened when a shard of a shattered bat struck him while coming down the 3rd base line towards home. That was definitely one of the stranger injuries to have occurred in a baseball season. Colvin is fully healed and will be challenging Fukudome for the right field spot. I feel Fukudome will start the season as the Cubs leadoff hitter just to justify that huge salary. Once Fukudome falters at the plate, its Colvin’s position for good. He will also be the first to replace Soriano after Soriano injures himself hopping, tweaking his knee, while making a routine catch. I do not endorse drafting Colvin any higher than his current ADP but he will a valuable piece for the Cubs over the next few years. Colvin makes a good pick in a dynasty league, or as your 5th outfielder. He may not have value in April but will be a fixture in the Cubs outfield from the All-Star game forward. There is a reason he was mentioned in ROY talk last year.

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