Thursday, March 31, 2011

Don't Be This Guy

Don't be this guy...use the tools at your disposal!!
Play Ball!!
Today is the day. Opening Day…Spring weather…time to watch Baseball Tonight every night (twice). Time to realize my Cubs will be out of it by Cinco de Mayo.  That time of year to think, talk, write, argue, analyze, criticize, study, evaluate, cheer, moan, cuss, eat, drink and sleep Baseball. I have done what I can to help all of you and I appreciate you stopping by and visiting my humble site. Like I said a couple of months ago, I started this site on a very cold January morning because I missed Baseball. I’ve had a blast researching and posting my thoughts these last couple of months. I enjoy the feedback from all of you and your continued support.  Without all of you this site would be meaningless.  So remember, stay active in your league and use the tools at your disposal…if not my site pick some of your favorites and support them.  
A big thanks to a great DJ and radio man for use of this pic...Jeff Strange WKHY.

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