Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fix My Team

There are countless fantasy sites out there that offer advice and Fantasy Baseball Vision is no different.  What does make the Vision unique is our new Fix My Team feature.  The major difference with our service is that you will get a response from our contributors rather than just one source.  The major players with big budgets will give you one answer or make it boilerplate.  Let’s say you are unsure whether trading Ian Kinsler for Jay Bruce and a draft pick is a good idea in your Dynasty League.  The Vision will give you different viewpoints and of course our take on the health of Kinsler.  Getting multiple points of view provides the most value and that is what we aspire to do….Sounds great, but what does it cost?  Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch.   We want you coming back for more and telling your friends to build our traffic and to build our brand. Our goal is to bury Yahoo, ESPN, and CBS…that was a joke…don’t sue me corporate giants.
Fix My Team is broken into Trade Valuation, Lineup Management, Keeper Concerns, and even Drafting Options.  Please try it today by clicking on the comments or sending your concerns here Fix My Team.
Trade Valuation
Trading is an art form. Nothing challenges fantasy owners more than executing the perfect trade. How do you make your team better while being able to offer something of value to your trading partner? All the while your trading partner is trying to do the same thing for his team. You don’t want to start with your best offer, but you don’t want to make a lowball offer that stops all negotiations before they even begin either. The easiest way to get trades made is by making trades that help both teams. If you see an owner is low in saves and you have an extra closer, offering a closer may make sense. Finding common ground on players to trade can be a grueling process with many different variations.
Fantasy Baseball Vision is here to help. If you have a trade you are thinking about offering or if you have been offered a trade that you are considering why not runs it by an objective observer first. Offer up your dilemma and then get the one on one attention that those big sites wouldn’t even dream of offering. Within a 24 hour period, we will respond to your inquiry and either give you the extra confidence in pulling the trigger on the move you are debating or tell you to step back from the ledge and hold on to what you have.
Far too often fantasy baseball owners get caught up in trying to win a trade or getting the most value for their players. Which is fine, but at the end of the season, the most important stat is not how many trades you win, but if you win your league. Nothing is more satisfying then making a trade that leads to a fantasy championship. Why not have someone in your corner to help you get there?
Lineup Management
Fantasy Baseball would be real easy if you could just draft a team, set your lineup at the start of the season, never touch it again and waltz to a league championship: boring, but easy. But as you know, many times the team you drafted looks a lot different than the team that you finish the season with. Players may get injured; experience hot or cold streaks or in general may outperform or underperform what was expected of them. Because of this, during the course of the season you will need to decide who to drop from your roster, who to add, who to bench or who to start on any given day/week. That’s where we come in….
General Managers have a staff of scouts and other executives. Managers have coaches. Why should you be making these same types of decisions by yourself? Lets us help. You may not choose to go with our advice but at least you get another perspective on the situation.
Please try it today by clicking on the comments or sending your concerns here Fix My Team.

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