Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fix My Team...Returning From Injury

I just did my live draft last night; we have the standard Yahoo structure with only 1 utility spot and no CI or MI positions.  Max of 9 total pitchers.  It is also a keeper league with 2 roster spots for prospects.  I was the 11th pick.  H2H scoring, 12 categories (Offense – R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP.  Pitching W, L, SV, K, ERA, WHIP)
1)      Alex Rodriguez
2)      Mark Teixeira
3)      Clayton Kershaw
4)      Ian Kinsler
5)      Jacoby Ellsbury (Maybe a reach but I believe he has a huge year)
6)      Mike Stanton
7)      Josh Hamilton (keeper from last year)
8)      Gio Gonzalez
9)      Carlos Gonzalez (keeper from last year)
10)     John Axford
11)     Rafael Furcal
12)     Matt Thornton
13)     John Danks
14)     Stephen Strasburg (I know it was early but the chance to keep him as a 13th round next year doesn’t scare me; already on my DL)
15)     Jeremy Hellickson (keeper from last year)
16)     Gordon Beckham (insurance for Kinsler)
17)     Ryan Raburn (Actually already traded him for Mike Aviles which is insurance for Furcal)
18)     Mike Trout (#1 prospect couldn’t let him pass)
19)     Kurt Suzuki (my weakest starter IMO)
20)     David Price (keeper from last year)
21)     Alex Gordon
22)     Manny Banuelos (#2 prospect; love his upside)
23)     Lance Berkman (Like that he will hit in the heart of the Cards lineup and get OF elig soon)
24)     Brandon Beachy
I am 1 pitcher short due to taking Strasburg but will put him in 1 of 2 DL spots once I can and pick someone up.  Was thinking of picking up Webb and putting him on the DL and then going after someone like Travis Wood.
So how did I do?  Any advice on what to look to upgrade or players to pick up once Strasburg is moved?  I think the “Fix my Team” is one of the best options on a fantasy site yet!

After reading your inquiry Jason and studying your draft I will be aligning your team as follows:
Jason you have assembled a very solid team. Your biggest concerns will be durability of a majority of your players. You have a core group that has been often injured. I talked about FURCAL here and the sitting of RODROGUEZ on certain days here. Remember KINSLER, ELLSBURY, HAMILTON, BERKMAN, even GORDON are all coming off serious injuries and should be monitored accordingly. If they can all stay healthy and have career averages across all counting fantasy categories you will be fine offensively. Do not expect Furcal, Kinsler and Ellsbury to run as often in the past. If they do not keep you completive in the SB category, look to acquire any lead-off hitter who is producing in SB and R. I would keep Rajai Davis on your radar and start some dialog with his team’s manager.  Look to insert someone into your UTIL slot if Berkman comes out of the gate slow because LaRussa will not play an aging veteran who is not producing.  Use your UTIL spot to bolster any category you may be struggling with. As for your bench, be ready to kick Alex Gordon to the curb if he shows no power in KC. The Royals have a deep outfield bench and Gordon will lose playing time quick. The advantage to Gordon is his 3B eligibility. He can be inserted into your line-up when A-Rod sits. I would highly recommend signing another C for your bench. Keep an eye on Ianetta in Colorado. Nice source of power at home and a good play when he is hitting in Coors Field. Ryan Doumit may be sliding back into catching in Pittsburgh due to Snyder’s new injury. Remember Doumit has both C and OF eligibility.
Your SP staff is lead by future CY Winner Kershaw. Look for big year here. He has 2 dominate pitches and will get numerous starts against the Pads and Snakes…could be easy 8 Wins there alone.  Gonzalez is getting great reviews from other baseball people outside of Oakland. Another situation where he plays in weak Division and a great pitchers park.  Danks will get a ton of R support that he has lacked in the past and could vault to the ace of the White Sox staff. Price and Hellickson both pitch in the feared AL EAST as you know. They have shown excellent peripheral numbers fantasy wise but I still shy away from SP in that division. I would stream those two against any teams besides the Yanks and Red Sox. Don’t let those two teams blow up your ERA if you do not need too.
If you can swing an additional RP I would go for it. Do not rely on just being in the middle of the road and hoping to complete in Saves when you could dominate the league. I would put together a package to move Strasburg for elite Closer, a lead-off hitter with speed or a multi-position guy that can fill any voids due to injury.  Yes, Strasburg is elite but you will get no production this year and they will not rush him back next year. Look to move him now and go for this year’s title. With your limited bench and DL space you may be placing injured players on your bench if Strasburg blocks your DL spot.
Thanks for the question…now go win your league.


  1. Thanks for answering my question. We have only 1 util spot so Berkman would be on my bench(actully someone just dropped Torii Hunter so going to pick him up/drop Berkman and move him for a A. Huff or C. Lee type. I dont think I told you this but we have 2 DL spots, I kept Webb all of last year and still won the 'SHIP. I know its a gamble but with Stras being so young I think I'm going to ride that train for years. Thinking of dropping Beachy for a RP but just waiting to see who is going to close all year. BTW I got Travis Wood when I put Stras on my DL, I like him alot!

  2. I was just thinking you knew we have 1 Util but I have a feeling you thought we had 4 OF pos but we only have 3, so Stanton will be my Util and Berkman will be on my bench.

  3. Good to hear. Looks like you will be very active on the closer market and keeping up with the waiver wire...stay active and competitive. Well done.