Friday, April 15, 2011

Bilateral Leg Wea....Oh what the Hell, My legs , back and body hurt. Plus I cant hit!!

Twins catcher Joe Mauer, who was held out of the Minnesota starting lineup on Wednesday and Thursday, has now been placed on the 15-day disabled list due to bilateral leg weakness. (Not sure what that is exactly but it does sound better than trilateral leg weakness) The Twins aren’t giving out too much information at the moment, but the condition is often related to nerve or spinal cord issues and can be very serious. Mauer will visit a specialist in Baltimore Friday. Your option as his back up is Drew Butera, (Who?) he owns a brutal .193/.231/.287 career batting line in the major leagues, The Twins are very short on catching depth.
Go get yourself a Ryan Hanigan or Ramón Hernández from the Reds or the Rookie Wilson Ramos in Washington for the time being. This news doesn’t sound good for a guy that squats 3 hours a day to make a living. Let’s look back a month ago…(this is you) hmmm should I draft Catcher in the early rounds who is coming off injury?…what the hell were you thinking.


  1. We got a physical therapist to join our site and she commented on Mauer's status

    Here is a snippet:
    Being in his position, trunk flexion, excessive knee flexion and probably protraction with some lordosis, he puts a lot of pressure on his SI joint. Your SI joint is like a force reducer designed to transmit forces from upper body to lower body. Treatment for him will probably be.....

    Follow the link for the rest of the story

    I linked back to your Jerry Sands update on our weekly post

  2. Great addition to your site. A Physicl Therapist can add some great insight to some of these injuries that seem to have "technical" names from injuries of the past. Everyone needs to check out the guys and gal over at "We Talk Fantasy Sports".