Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bye, Bye Manny...Hello Sammy

Sam Fuld was the throw-in player in the Garza to the Cubs trade last January. For the Cubs he was an exciting, balls out, speedy outfielder. In his 6 years in the minors he compiled 24 HR 104 SB and a .285 BA .386 OBP. Sounds like a decent lead-off hitter for any team. Well, that team needing a lead-off hitter may have found one, the Rays.
Fuld was never considered a top prospect and was never given a solid look. He got his shot in Chicago after Cory Patterson missed a stretching workout and was then sent down. He instantly became a fan favorite with his all out style of play. Now in Tampa he may have never gotten  a look unless Manny shoots him self in the foot...or um continually in the the ass I guess. This is the exact type of opportunity or paths to the majors that has that feel  good storyline. Now that he gets his chance what does he do? How about 11 total bases last night and a chance at hitting for the cycle. He batted in the 9th only needing a single for the cycle but rapped a double at Crawford in the corner.
Going forward should you own him? Well, if you need a lead-off hitter with some speed he may be worth a look to stash on your bench. He will not get playing time everyday but when he is playing he has value. Could finish the season with 5HR and 20 SB.  He is an above average OF with no fear of injury. If not starting look for defensive replacement and the ability to possibly squeak out an at-bat when not starting. Whether I own him or not he will be someone I root for this season.

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