Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Early Damage Control From The Mound

I think the year of the pitcher has come and gone in the time it takes me to eat a dog and drink a beer in the bleachers. There are still 12 teams in baseball without a Save and 4 teams without a Win. Two of those four were actually predicted to go to the World Series by some, Boston and Milwaukee.  Yes, I know that only 2% of the season is in the books but still we need to examine what has taken place to date. Are the elite aces contributing coming out of the blocks?  A few are and a few have ERAs in double digits. These “aces” of your staff all have ERAs over a touchdown and an extra point.  Rah Team!
I’m not saying dump these guys but be aware of their next couple of starts. If these aces are not garnering you an ERA well under 4.00 their 200 IP can cost your team ERA 0.25 points. Now look back at last year’s league you were in and see how far you can climb or fall with a 0.25 point jump in ERA. Now look back at your staff and say crap.  If they continue to struggle through April bench them for a period of time and check out some other SP with favorable match-ups. Here are some fresh SP just out of the wrapper. Most have a Win under their belt and all have an ERA under 1.60…that does sound tasty.

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