Monday, April 4, 2011

Early Damage Control

So…who drafted Longoria in round 1 then Hamilton in round 2 followed by Greinke in 3? Yikes!! If you did; it’s time to play catch-up with some damage control. If it were later in the year I would say target someone on waivers who can help your weakest category. Since its uh…game 4 grab the best available. The logical choices would be to stay home with Reid Brignac in Tampa and Jon Jay in St. Louis.  If not look at Ben Francisco in the OF or a fill-in for a fill-in in Jack Hannahan at 3B…wow say that 3 times fast.
 Let’s go around the horn and look at who is hot, available or benefitting from moving up in the order. Lance Berkman will slide into Holliday’s spot in the batting order for the Cards. Could be very productive hitting right behind Pujols for the next month. I would continue to shy away from all the Rooks at 1B for now that are still available.
2B may have the best waiver wire picks available. Know why? I’ll wait..ho hum…Because all drafted 2B are absolutely pounding the ball. Did you know 11 of the top 90 players in Yahoo are 2B eligible? Here are their stats for the 8 most drafted.( R26 HR12 RBI27 BA.327) This doesn’t even include Freddy Sánchez hitting .467, Maicer Izturis hitting .353 or Alberto Callaspo hitting .500 so far.
For SS just reverse what I stated above. 11 of the top 17 SS in Yahoo are not even owned in most leagues. If you punted on SS in your drafts get busy cherry pickin’ the hot bats from week to week.
Willie Bloomquist (3B & OF eligibility) got the start again today in windy Wrigley and lead off the game with a jack to left center. He may be one to ride while the riding is good and cheap. Does anyone else think it sounds kinda dirty sayin’ uh …give me a Willie Bloomquist tonight?
Who doesn’t own a Red’s Catcher hitting .750? Not me…or 85% of you. Both are available Ryan Hanigan, Ramón Hernández.
Tomorrow the Pitchers.

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