Thursday, April 7, 2011

Early Stat Masters…Stolen Bases

It’s entertaining this early portion of the season to see who is surprising us in each of the fantasy baseball stats. Baseball always has been and always will be a game driven by numbers. For me the first axiom of all fantasy sports...homework is your friend. So, I am here to let you cheat off me. My homework is done, ready to be graded and I am expecting an A+. As always you are just a click away from researched knowledge. Let’s start with SB and who is surprising us. Today’s leader is The- Willie Bloomquist (I will continually refer to him as the modern day name with sexual overtones, following such greats as Pete LaCock and Dick Pole) with 5 to date. Next in line is someone without an AB this season, yep not a one, Jarrod Dyson. KC will use him to PR every chance they get but at this time he has no fantasy relevance. Ichiro Suzuki and light hitting Jack Wilson also have 3 swipes apiece. Bloomquist just gained SS eligibility and his % ownership numbers have tripled this week. With super utility usage and raking up the SB he is worth picking up to at least block your completion from using him.
This next group I consider bonuses. SB was not why we drafted them in the first place. They all have 2 steals to date and may have surprised owners by leaping them to the top of their SB category. Russell Martin may be back to 2007 form when he swiped 21 bags. Well maybe not, but 15 from your C would be awesome and he is still available in half of all leagues. If you have a 2C format you need to scoop him up now. Jay Bruce was drafted for his bat not his legs, but he is running like the rest of The “New Version” Big Red Machine. He may be that 20/20 guy he was projected to be in the minors. Then you have a pair of Royals that nobody owns; Jeff Francoeur and Chris Getz. Both are worth a flier because it looks like the KC plan this year is to run, run and then run some more. I read an early quote from their manager back in February that he even wanted Billy Butler to steal a few bags this year. I have always wondered why a team would not take advantage of the SB more when they have no chance to out slug the other teams. “Run Forrest..I mean Billy, Run!”
Of course your Pierres, Gardners, and Bournes (oops he went down with a bad groin) are going to get you where you want to be, but be sly and rotate some guys into your line-up that can help your SB. Especially against Righties with slow deliveries and C with no arm.   

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