Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Furcal...Finally Down and Out?

Back in February I tried to warn you about his propensity for injury and to avoid drafting him here. Now he is even talking about retiring. His agent stepped in immediately and tried to put that notion to rest...not like he has a vested interest or anything. Here is the quote today from Furcal "I think about retiring if I'm not healthy. I feel so good with my back, now this -- what do you think I am thinking?"
Even if he doesn't retire he will be out at least 6 weeks. In the mean time Carroll will move over to SS with DeJesus moving in at 2B. I remember Harry Caray calling his dad I-Van Dee-Jeezus when he first came up for the Cubs back when I was a kid...I miss Harry and his pronunciations.
If you need a replacement for the injured Furcal I would look at Angel Sánchez in Houston as an option. He is hot right now and might as well ride the streak while he is streaking...figuratively not literally.

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