Saturday, April 9, 2011

Going With the Unknown…Owning Rookies

I posted this earlier in the week over at Pro Fantasy Baseball before Tsuyoshi Nishioka the injury but it still has relevance...even on defense.

Many rookies were drafted this year in fantasy baseball. Personally I shy away and would rather have a proven commodity on my team. I think what happens is people feel they have been burned on a player the previous year and instead of re-drafting that player they take the plunge into the unknown…the rookie. To me it’s like giving the rake at the poker table, the vig on a craps bet, or the long shot at the track. You are giving up something hoping to score big, that chance at greatness. Remember that baseball is a 162 game season. During that time your weaknesses will be exposed and uncovered. My advice Stick with solid, consistent performers that you can always count on to achieve fantasy baseball success. Let’s look at a few of the highest drafted rookies this year.

Jeremy Hellickson who is now pitching on a very poor team did not show much his first outing against the Angels. 5.2 IP with a 4.76 ERA and a 1.41 WHIP. He did accumulate 10 impressive Ks which will be his saving grace if you own him. Remember he pitches in the toughest Division in baseball and will continue to kill your ERA and WHIP if you continue to start him. Look to trade him now on his name recognition alone.

Brandon Belt was incredibly hyped in spring training but is probably a year away from being a contributor in fantasy baseball. I did draft him last year in my Dynasty league but have no intentions of bringing him up this early. Here is his current stat line: 1HR 4R 4RBI and hitting .182 so far with a K rate of 23%. On a peripheral note, since he made the opening day roster Huff is now in RF looking like clown catching water balloons. If you own any of SF SP his defense will hurt you at times.

Freddie Freeman even looks worse than Belt. He is now batting 8th in Atlanta with a stat line that I could put up. 0HR 1R 1RBI and hitting .105 for your team with a K rate of 27%. Glad you drafted him as your CI trying to out think your fellow managers?

Tsuyoshi Nishioka the former batting champ in Japan has shown little plate discipline with a K rate of 35%. Here are his overall numbers; .250 BA 0HR 2RBI 1R 1SB. Is this why you punted 2B to pick up this quality sleeper?

Of course it is early and these are small sample sizes but you can lose your league during the month of April. Use the hype machine to lure your fellow managers into wanting these players if you own them. They may be a good investment for your Dynasty League, hidden away to be used later, but not your current rosters. So be aware of why they are called Rookies in the first place.

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