Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jerry Sands...Come on Down...You're the Next LF in Dodgertown

No word as of yet if he kept that coveted #68
The 7-9 Dodgers made a plucky move by calling up the highly advertized prospect Jerry Sands from Triple-A last night. He started in left and batted 7th between Loney and Barajas. It looks as though he will get time at both LF and 1B for the next couple of weeks.
The dude was ripping up AAA pitching to date with a slash line of .400/.422/.875 which included two doubles, a triple, five HR, and 17 RBI. Even in spring training he was hitting major league pitching and finished with a .313 BA. Last year in A and AA he smashed 35 HR in only 137 games. His fielding is below par but if he can hit that is all we care about as Fantasy Managers. With the Dodgers having no one and I mean no one in LF that can hit and Loney batting below the Mendoza line the guy is getting playing time.
When I saw he was in the lineup I went directly to Yahoo to start adding him but he was nowhere to be had…not because other managers scooped him up…because Yahoo had not added him yet at the start of the game, or in the 3rd inning or in the 6th inning. Let the frenzy begin tomorrow morning I guess.
Hey Yahoo I have an idea…how bout’ putting every player that is on a team’s 40 man roster in your waiver wire so incidents like this do not happen. Then hire me to run your Fantasy Baseball Department. To give Yahoo some credit, while searching for Sands I came across this guy; Sandy Rosario was listed though he is not on any team. He does have some good stats though; 2G 1IP 9H 6R 6ER 54.00ERA 10.00WHIP 2HR 0K .818BAA Talk about getting lit up!! .818BAA yikes.
Back to Sands; he singled in his 1st AB and then followed that up with a SF for an RBI. His next AB he worked the count full and finally K’d swinging. No bad for a debut.


  1. Nice review... and thanks for adding the Rosario info!

  2. Thanks for stopping by the site. Glad you enjoyed the review.