Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last Night's Rundown

David Murphy stepped right in yesterday to get an RBI in Hamilton’s absence. If he is still available in your league grab him now, he will not be around this time next week. With both speed and power he can help any manager’s team.
Alex Gordon is still lighting it up in KC this year. He goes 2 for 5 with a couple of RBI to boot. He now has 6 doubles on the season and his OPS is over 900. Though he already has 3B and OF eligibility, he may qualify at 1B soon. He has 2 games there so far this season.
Denard Span I ask you as to why you have not attempted a stolen base as of yet? Your manager’s are waiting. I will take the BA for now but start running.
Danny Valencia , welcome to your sophomore slump. Yesterday 0 for 4 and for the season: AVG .184  HR 1  RBI 3  SB 0 Owners of Valencia…welcome to your nightmare.
John Danks  8IP, 1ER, 7K, 3BB No Decision. Thanks White Sox bullpen for blowing 3 run 9th inning lead. Both so-called closers Sale and Thornton each gave up 3ER. Ozzie said he is giving Bobby Thigpen a call.
J.P. Arencibia and José Molina are hitting a combine .333…not bad from the C position.  Either one is worth picking up at this point. Both will get plenty of playing time and Arencibia is being slotted into the DH spot here and there when not catching.
Joey Votto is hitting .444 on the year and leading the MLB in R scored. Only went 3 for 4 with an RBI and R for the Reds last night. Albert who?
Heath Bell pitches a perfect 9th and picks up the Win for the Pads last night. Nice stat line for Bell so far…remember if the Pads start to fade Bell gets shipped.
Prince Fielder has now taken over the MLB league in RBI with a HR and 3 RBI last night…what’s that I hear, I think it’s a contract year. Albert who?
Shaun Marcum looked great last night. This is what the Brewers expected to get from the Gallardo, Greinke, and Marcum as the three headed monster. 7IP 4H 1BB 0ER
Kevin Correia in the same game as marcum he looked like a Pirates Pitcher. After a nice start to fool you all into thinking he is ownable he reverts back to a Pirate Pitcher. 6IP 6R 4ER 1K 2BB.
Roy Halladay CG W 9IP 2R 2ER 1BB 9K I’m starting to move closer to the dark side thinking a SP is actually worth a 1st round pick.
A.J. Burnett now has more wins (3) the then the Boston Red Sox (2) who would have thought that?
Josh Johnson takes no-no into the 8th and get the win. 1H 9K to go along for the ride.
Troy Tulowitzki homers again. Now hitting over 300 with 5HR 8R and 12 RBI. He must think its September already. Tulo & Votto early MVP candidates or the name of your favorite florist.
Starlin Castro now hitting near 400 after a 3 for 5 night. I still think this guy can hit for power later on and be a middle of the order guy. I am going to try to fix a trade for him in my dynasty league this week.
Lance Berkman drove in 5 with the help of a Granny off of the over hyped Ian Kennedy. I would pick up Berkman and I would drop Kennedy.
Jonathan Sánchez punched out 9 last night getting a nice win after his team came through to take the lead in the bottom of his last inning. He is now averaging 13K/9 this season. He is a K machine.


  1. Nice write up, just 2 things

    I would not pick up Berkman as who knows how long he will play this season. Played 85 games in 2009, and 37 last year in the AL. He can not play DH this year so the chances of him getting hurt are pretty high. So unless you are in a deep league, or an NL only, I would avoid Berkman

    Also, if you need Jose Molina on your fantasy team you are probably in last place. He is a career .238 hitter. Let someone else pick them up in your league if they are so desperate!

  2. I have used him (Berkman) here and there as a CI so far this season. I think he has value and is nearly a career .300 hitter. He could have more value if Pujols could get on base like in the past. But I do see your point on the 35 year olds body that is recently prone to injuries.

    I look at Catchers who are hot and kick the under producing ones to the curb (cough Jaso). In 2 catcher formats Molina is worth using while he is hitting then replace when he is down. Look at AL catchers BA this season Weiters 241, Olivio 181, Posada 182, Santana 214, Suzuki 185. Yikes!!

  3. Agreed on the cathing situation but in order to pick up Molina you would have to drop someone who in the long run will MOST LIKELY have way better stats ..... like Weiters, Posada, Santana and Suzuki