Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Closer To Grab

Looks like Sean Burnett is the one to secure going forward in Washington for saves. Here is the quote from Riggleman today."I could have gone either way," Riggleman said of giving Burnett the opportunity for the save. "But here, early on, if the opportunity presents itself, I want to have Burnett available for the ninth."
So Burnett got the call, and he delivered, pitching to a 4 out Save for the Nationals' first win of the year. There's little about him that fits the typical closer's mold; he throws in the low 90s, is left-handed and doesn't strike out many batters. But the Nationals love his demeanor on the mound, and they've repeatedly said they'd prefer the 23-year-old Storen to grow into the closer's role.
And it's tough to argue with Burnett's results so far; he converted three of four save opportunities last year, fashioning a 1.90 ERA in save situations. And in the four career saves he's converted (counting last year's and yesterdays), he's allowed one hit.

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