Monday, April 18, 2011

Yesterday's Rundown

Grady Sizemore returns after 11 months off and shows off why he was a onetime 30/30 player.  If you are in a weekly league line up league or you did not have the cohunes to play him (like me) in his 1st game back you missed the spoils of his productive day. I wont make the mistake again and am looking forward to his productivity. He showed the power is still there but what about his wheels? Lets hope he doesn’t blow a tread.
Andrew McCutcheon batted leadoff yesterday and started the game with a long homer. He then gave the Bucs the lead for good with a single in the 8th. He can hurt you in so many ways. Gotta love the power/speed guys. I feel he loses some value by leading off instead of hitting in the three hole. Either way his owners like the production.
Gaby Sanchez got 2 more hits yesterday and is now hitting near .340. If anyone in Fla could get on ahead of him he would have 3x the RBI this year. He is a very good pick-up at your CI spot if you are struggling and he is only owned in half of all leagues.
Tommy Hanson pitches well enough to Win and with 9Ks but loses this game because of no run support. Just shows how fickle getting Wins can be in Fantasy.
Jacoby Ellsbury helped Boston win consecutive games for the first time this year with his 3rd digger, a three run shot. He now has as many HR as SB…I guess he has the potential to be a 50/50 guy right?
Carl Crawford is only not hitting his weight; he isn’t even hitting his girlfriend’s weight. He is now down to .127 on the year.
Danny Espinosa gets 6 RBI in the two games and has moved into the lead-off spot. The move up increases his value and will continue to climb if he will continues to get on base, especially when Zimmerman returns in a week.
Michael Cuddyer gets back to back starts at 1B after I tell you he is on the verge of gaining 2B eligibility. I still picked him up in a couple of leagues.  
There is a new closer in town (or State) and Minnesota is shooting caps, Matt Capps that is. 3 up, 3 down, 1st save. Sorry Nathan owners for drafting a closer so early while coming off major arm surgery.
Sam Fuld gets two more hits. Now take a clue from Forrest and “Run Sammy Run”. Does any team but TB have their lead-off man as a catcher of the DH? Just askin’.
Nick Hundley the best hitting catcher in Baseball…wait he can’t be…nobody owns him. He is only 1 of 3 catchers with an OPS over 1.000 If you didn’t know that now you do…go pick him up…now, I’m waiting.
Does any other Billy Butler owners hear Judge Smails say “Billy Billy Billy this is a biggie, don’t let me down” when he is at bat with RISP? I do and he let me down yesterday 0-3 but still hitting over 350.
Dan Haren becomes 2nd 4 Win pitcher this year. Now has 1.16 ERA and a WHIP under a buck to boot.
Carlos Gonzalez had the most hits on the day in the Majors yesterday with 4 but the stat of the Cubs/Rockies game was that the Cubs 3-4-5 hitters: Marlon Byrd, Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Pena have 1HR in 160 ABs so far this season. Owners might want to avoid owning any Cubs SP at this point because they will be getting no run support this season. Unless Zambrano starts he has as many HR as the 3 previously mentioned.
The Oakland/Detroit game had a combined starting line-up with one guy hitting over .300, Miguel Cabrera. I have officially given up on Austin Jackson. I was completely wrong on this guy; he isn’t running because he can’t get on base and Ks more now than ever.
Matt Kemp is my MVP for the first 1/10 of the season. How many owners are glad they are not getting “Kemped” (a word that describes getting placed much much lower in the BA than you should because your manager is clueless) by Joe Torre this year? If he can get the power stroke going he is a legit 40/40 guy this year.
The Giants go hitless and without a base runner the last 6 innings of the 12 inning game against Arizona. Just look at they were facing though: Juan Gutiérrez, David Hernández, J.J. Putz, and Josh Collmenter. With those dominating household names no wonder. Remember when I predicted the Giants go .500 this year?
C.C. Sabathia doesn’t get the Win again!! GRRRRRRRRR!!

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