Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yesterday's Rundown

Andre Ethier continued his season opening hit streak to 19 against the woeful Cubs who threw 230 pitches yesterday. His .385 BA is nice but I want a #3 hitter and 6th round pick to be a little more than 20HR 80RBI with no wheels. I can pick up Seth Smith any time I want off waivers.
Ryan Raburn is a guy I own every year for a period of time. I like the 2B and OF eligibility for my daily leagues but he only produces when I have him benched or cut him loose. He is gone now so of course he goes 2-5 with a HR and 4 RBI. So now I will go with Ty Wigginton and his multi-position eligibility to hurt me when I start him and mock me when I bench him…can’t wait for the let down. Let’s see what last night gave me…ooohhh an 0 for 3 in the middle of a near no-no by Nasty Sanchez.
Jose Bautista  hit his fifth home run of the season and finished a single shy of the cycle. He went 3 for 3, walked twice and scored four runs.
Hanley Ramirez is hovering around the Mendoza line and his GB% is pushing 70%. The guy is on top of everything and the daily scorecard looks like 5-1 and 6-1 put outs every day.  For all of you who had the 1st overall pick in your league and took Hanley to show your intellect and cleverness by not picking Albert you might want to pick up Jed Lowrie or Maicer Izturis until the storm blows over. Both are still widely available. Once Hanley gets below .200 for a week straight the trade offers will be a flowin’.
Mets and D’Backs had no one with a multi-hit game. I expect the same on Saturday.
 Alex Gordon you have served your purpose well (in some type of Darth Vader voice) filling in for Longo when I plucked you off waivers. (Now my voice) What top 20 pitcher can I finagle someone out of in exchange for Gordon this week? “Hey look you need CI help and he went 2-4 again last night, he is still hitting .370…uh yeah the Royals ARE that good…David Price for Gordon you say? Sure that seem like it would work for both of us.”  I will let you know later this week who I got for him.
The Rangers line-up: Everyone got a hit all but 3 had an RBI and Run. Mixem’ matchem’ tradem’ with your friends.
Carlos Gomez got a whiff of Braun’s new contract and went 3-5 with a HR. He does all that hitting and he doesn’t get a SB like he is supposed to? He is still not worth owning. OK pick him up and when he gets 3 hits all of next week we can talk again.
Ryan Braun says to Carlos…anything you can do I can do better. See my contract proves it. He went 3-4 with a HR too.
Yovani  Gallardo can hardly put back to back innings together(let alone outings) without getting rocked. He does get the Win thanks to double digit run support.  I think this guy needs a commercial or something to loosen him up.
Lance Berkman keeps on hitting. 2-4 and 2 R last night in the tornado. If he could swipe a couple of bases he would lead all hitter in Yahoo rankings…What the…who the…yeah, I’m still plugging him in at CI like I posted a couple of weeks ago. I know, I know, he is going to run after some fly ball and either pull hammy or dive and tear something…just quick talking about it. Oohhmm  oohhmm oohhmm.
Peter Bourjos bats leadoff and picks up his 2nd SB.  If Scioscia keeps him up in the batting order he gains more value…I’m talking to you who missed the Sam Fuld run last week.
J. Lester goes 6 without an ER and out duels Haren and denies Haren his 5th Win.
Cole Hamels goes 8 IP with only 4H and 8Ks. He is just another cog in the well oiled pitching machine we call the Phillies.
Michael Pineda got a good look at King Felix the night before and decided to replicate what he saw. Pitch in, pitch out, keep em off balance. He goes 6 IP with 5Ks. He now has an ERA at 1.74 and a WHIP at 1.07. Last chance to get a fresh Pineda, only owned in 60% of leagues. It will be 90% next week.
Chipper Jones gets another hit and a Run last night. What is the over/under date for when Chipper breaks?

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