Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Grandyman Can...For Now

The Grandy Man can because he hits the ball real far and makes your team look good.
Remember when Granderson was a leadoff hitter with speed?  He was someone who had more combined doubles and triples than HR. So what’s going on with this guy? He once lead the league in triples and may now may lead the league in homers. I’m sure that has never happened before. Someone call that Elias Sports group to confirm my suspicions.
Let’s look at the numbers he has produced so far and then extrapolate them out for a full season. To date he has 4 Doubles, 3 Triples, 14 HR, and 31 RBI at the quarter pole of the season. Granderson plays every day without many days off and could play 162 this year. By season’s end on his current streak he could end up with 17 doubles, 12 triples (ok those seem reasonable) 58 HR, 129 RBI (uhhh…no Efing Way!!). His career highs in each category are 30 HR and 74 RBI. Even if I bump those career numbers up by 30% (39 HR and 96 RBI) he doesn’t even come close to the pace he is currently showing. So is it for real? Well yes and no. The numbers are for real currently but the end game will resort back to the mean. In other words he will not sustain these numbers. Here is the biggest reason why for me. His career numbers vs. leftys and his yearly numbers vs. leftys.
He is currently hitting .275 with a .326 OBP a .850 SLG and a 1.176 OPS
His career numbers are .218 AVG with a .277 OBP a .371 SLG and a .648 OPS
At some points in his career he got so bad against leftys his manager would sit him against the elite ones. So what to conclude form all this. To me his production levels are at an all time high and his fantasy value could not be higher. If I owned him I would shop him around to fill any needs your team has and get the most bang for your buck this week.

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