Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vision Lexicon

BloSwin: When your Closer blows the save and then picks up the win.

Box Score Blues: The feeling you get when the player you own puts up no counting stats yet his team puts up monster numbers. i.e. Chase Utley went 0-5 upon his return yet the Phillies put up 10 Runs and 14 Hits.

Driving on the I-80: Insert any Intersate number here which represents a players batting average when the are hitting under .200 to date. i.e. Uggla went 0 for 4 tonight lowering his AVG to .180 hence I-80.

Getting Kemped: When your player's manager bats him farther down in the line-up than where he should be hitting. Torre routinely hit Matt Kemp in the 6-7-8 holes. Thus hurting his fantasy value.

Getting Posey'd: The conjunction of spending a high draft pick on a catcher then watching him get hurt protecting the plate then being out for the season.

Pilfer and Parker: When the player you own collects a SB and hits a HR in the same game.

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