Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yesterday's Rundown...Lowlights Version

You gotta hit over .250 before you get Capicola

Albert Pujols gets plunked in the 9th on a 0-2 fastball from Cordero and finishes 0-4 lowering his AVG to .266 on the season. He finished the series with Cinci going 3 for 12 with 1 R and 0 RBI. Could the best player in baseball be showing his age? Maybe the “hug” earlier in the week has some lingering effects.
Javier Vazquez gets torched for 6 in the opeing frame and goes on to last 4 whole innings. He now has an ERA well over a touchdown and a WHIP near a two point conversion. After the game Vasquez had this to say. “Believe me. I’m doing my best, but nothing’s working. Nothing’s working. Nothing. Absolutely nothing,” Your owners know Javy…they know.
Jimmy Rollins goes 0 for 5 and finishes the series 2 for 14 with an RBI and a Run scored with no swipes over the weekend. At least he is still the best SS over 30 years old. That is if you like 30+ year old SS…personally I do not.
Sam Fuld puts up another O-for and now is batting .238 after his memorable start. I see the hot hitting Desmond Jennings getting called up by the end of the month to take over for Fuld. It was fun while it lasted Sammy but you have been exposed and have not adjusted…hope you enjoyed it.
Jason Bay adds 20% to his Run total in one game with 2 runs scored. He even got a hit to make his AVG climb to .216 now. He is also carrying a OPS of .664 which is just ahead of the powerful hitting Coco Crisp at .658.
Corey Hart has played in 15 games now and has as many HR as I do…zero. Last year was a career year and he will be lucky to get a dozen dingers this year. I see him dropping down to the 8 hole here in the near future even hurting his value or lack of value more.
Juan Rivera looks more like 38 than 32 to me. He had a 2 for 14 series with 1 R and no RBI. Why do I feel Carlos Beltran gets traded to the Yanks or Jays as a DH before the deadline?
Torii Hunter let me introduce you and your .234 AVG and 1 for 12 weekend series to Mike Trout; he is hitting .314 with 6HR 17 RBI and 6 SB. He will have your job by next year.
Mat Latos first of all he needs another T on his first name then he needs to warn all that drafted him of the Verducci Effect. Then call up management and demand some Run support like you got yesterday every time you pitch.
Adam Dunn, please quit hitting directly into the shift they put on you. There is this other part of the park they call Left Field. Look it up and then take BP and slap the ball that way at least once a game. If you do I guarantee you will not continue to hit .210 all year with 0 for 3 and 0for 4 every other day. If you would like that in Spanish like Ozzie would say here it is: Bota la pelota al campo izquierdo…Porfavor!!
Kelly Johnson, how do you hit 2nd-3rd and 4th in the lineup and only have 7RBI? Oh, I see you get 150 AB with 10 XBH and 45 Ks. Well done sir. You may want to look at the tape of Zobrist getting 8 RBI in one game…its worth watching.
Dustin Pedroia needs to be hitting over .250 before he gets a sandwich. Capicola or not…everyone knows that.
On a side note, my favorite sandwich named after someone is a Duane Purvis from the Triple XXX Restaurant in my home town.

Yep...thats peanut butter oozing out from under that 1/3 lbs burger.

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