Monday, June 20, 2011

Fix My Team...Trade Dilemma

Eric writes in looking for answers to his trade dilemma. Here is what he is pondering. Hewrites "I give up Lincecum, K-Rod, Francoeur ...for... McCutchen, Andrus, and Bud Norris. My outfield is solid now in all areas, I think K-Rod might be sitting later in the season due to his contract stuff and I also have 3 other closers, I know  Lincecum is Lincecum every year but so far Norris’ numbers are almost equal."
Personally, I would go nowhere near this trade. You are giving up a 2 time Cy Young award winner and a guy who will get you 200+ Ks. Yes, his team may struggle to get him runs and therefore Wins with the current crop of injuries but he will help you with his ERA, WHIP and Ks. He has some control issues at the moment but it will wash out over the season and he will still be a top SP in all formats.
With K-Rod your concerns are real about being used less and less to avoid his option kicking in. The fiery reliever has a $17.5 million vesting option which kicks in for 2012, if he finishes 55 games (save or not) this season. He is currently at 34 games played. Holding players down so vesting options do not materialize is actually bad for the team, it shows you are cheap and this keeps agents and other players from signing with that team in the future. I actually think they will work out some type of buyout to avoid this problem and save some face with other players.
Francoeur (Frenchy) is having an above average year for an improved Royals team.  He is not in their long term plans and once they fall out of the race he could be trade bait to a contender as a player coming off the bench. His 1 year contract with a mutual option is attractive to other teams if he is on the block.
You make your team sound solid with a strong outfield and numerous closers. Not sure why you would consider giving up and ace and a strong closer. Yes McCutcheon is a great player giving good help across the roto categories but that help may be picked up on waivers or trading lower quality players from your team. You may like Elvis but I am not a fan, Read Here.  If you need help at SS look to pick up JJ Hardy off waivers, he is only owned in 40% of leagues currently.
You may like Bud Norris’ numbers but he currently is a full run under his career ERA and I do not think that is going to last. He has only won a single game on the road and his home wins came against average teams when he went against them. One stat that sticks out is he has given up over 20% more runs than earned runs. Once his defense lets him down he lets those players score. If he starts to give up an extra hit or walk here and there he is back up to a 4.00 ERA very fast and back to a useable but not elite SP for your team.
My advice is to keeping looking for trades and shake out the waiver wire a bit. Teams are calling up young players that can help so look into that also.
Thanks for the question Eric. Hope this helps with your decision.


  1. Great write up and I completely agree

    PS - I Love the baseball wives feature

  2. Thanks for the comment KeithyP. Always appreciate the feedback. The wives feature seems to a fan favorite...I will keep it going.

  3. Trade help!
    Shane Victorino

    Ryan Howard
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