Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lets Play GM

Today I am Brian Cashman. I have a RF hitting .226 with only 6 HR and 28 RBI. I have a soon to be 40 year old DH hitting .227 with 6 HR and 20 RBI. Both are unacceptable in the Yankee’s organization. As you know I have more money to play with than God himself and I can persuade any player (but not a player’s wife like Cliff Lee) to play for the pinstripes and contend for a title.
What to do? Let’s start by looking at who is in the last year of their contract and will not be signing with their current team next year.  It would be nice to have a switch hitter that could play right field too. Maybe a career .300+ hitter who has never won the WS and is itching to get a ring.  Someone who could play both roles, which is DH and RF efficiently when called on to do so down the stretch.
Here is what is going to happen in the near future people. When the Yankees fall 5+ games behind the BoSox I (being Brian Cashman today) am going to get the player(s) I want. You know that cost is not a factor to me and my organization.
Back to the real me. I see the Yankees plucking Magglio Ordonez or Carlos Beltran away from the Tigers and Mets. Both players have 10 and 5 rights but would waive them for a chance to play in October. Both players are solid veterans and with close to 300 HR and over 1100 RBI not to mention they hit well for average.  I would be stashing Ordonez away now that he is of the DL and maybe over pay a little to get Beltran. They Yankees always make a move and with no pitching to be had at the trade deadline they will stockpile hitters and try to out smash the BoSox down the stretch for the Division Title or Wild Card.
When they are traded they should bat 6th in the Yankees order and be RBI producers. If I had to pick one player over the other it would be Ordonez that goes to NY. He will not be hitting DH ever for the Tigers and there is now no room in Detroit’s crowded outfield for the 37 year old. His 10M salary is a little cheaper than Beltran’s 17M and he would be easier to trade for with Detroit eyeing a playoff spot themselves.

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