Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Starting Pitcher to Grab

Have you ever gone to pick up a player and you notice some other manager beat you to the punch by literally minutes. That just happened to me in my Dynasty League. Some days I check my rosters as soon as I get up, others times I do it during lunch, like I did today.  Though I have a fantastic SP staff (CC, Hamels, Haren, Zimmerman, Kuroda, Humber) and a gluttony of RP I wanted to add another pitcher and drop one of my many closers (either Salas or Capps) and then pick up the newly promoted Cory Luebke. All he did last night was go 3.1 IP of one hit ball while K-ing 6 Red Sox including 5 in a row at one point. The guy is averaging 9+ K/9 with a WHIP at 1.00 to date. He will get to throw in the pitcher friendly Petco and can dominate at home. The wins will always be hard to come by for Padres pitchers but the peripherals are what make your mouth water…give me K’s, K’s, and more K’s. Sure when he moves into the rotation there will be a slight drop off in the strikeouts but at times you’ll get 2 start weeks and collect 15 Ks from him. No one owns this kid (2%) so if you need help in K’s and WHIP pick this guy up now. If you are a little hesitant, pick him up and only use him on home games. He also has both RP and SP eligibility.

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