Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yesterday's Rundown

Hunter Pence goes 3 for 4 with a HR and 4 RBI. He may not be what you drafted him for (a 20/20 guy) but he flourished in the 3 hole as a solid RBI man. He will probably be a 20/10 guy but the RBI will be well over 100 and that .325 AVG is sparkling.
Wandy Rodriguez comes off the DL with a quality start and the Win. He goes 6 IP while only giving up 2 hits and 4 BB with 5 Ks. I did not have The Wandyman in my top 30 SP this year due to the Stros being so bad but I do like this guy and would have drafted him.
Brandon Lyon pitched a meaningless 9th and gave up 3ER to bolster his already bloated ERA well over 11.00. He is still not worth owning even if he does get you a save a week.
Dan Uggla is now driving on the I-80 after another 0-for. This is why I have him listed as one of the biggest busts of the year on our poll question.
Randy Wolf pitched 7 innings of no run, 6 hit ball while K-ing 7 against the Cubs. I debated on putting Wolf into Sunday’s Streaming SPs, I ended up leaving him out of the post but picked him up in my big money league for the two starts this week.
Ryan Dempster matched Wolf nearly pitch for pitch but neither got the Win.
Zach Duke who I placed in the Streaming post instead of Wolf looked good early. I checked the box score during the 3rd inning and he was up 9-0. Then the SOB can’t even get through the 5th to get me a Win. He gives up 7ER in 4.2 innings. You were spotted a 9 run lead and you can’t get the win even after you hit a HR…go figure?!?
Juan Miranda had his biggest game of the year and might be worth watching if you need help at CI. He now has the job at 1B to himself and could be coming into his own.
Derek Jeter strains a calf and could be shelved for a month due to age and the rehab needed on a 37 year old calf. Eduardo Nunez is the obvious pick up so I snatched him in my pert league; he has both MI and CI eligibility (SS & 3B). Nunez will bat 9th and Gardner gets the bump in value now leading off.
Carlos Carrasco gets the Win going 7 shutout innings. He was one of my Streamers this week.
Phil Coke gets a ND after going 6+ innings of no run baseball. He too was a Streamer this week I told you to pick up.
Jason Bay goes another game without a hit. I watch this guy at the plate and he looks solid. He has no luck with a BABIP near .230 so far. Every projection this year had him at 20+ HR and anywhere from 76-99 RBI. I feel this is him hitting the bottom. I will try this week to talk him down further with his owners and grab him on the cheap.
Chris Nelson had the musical chair tonight which is 2B in Colorado these days. He had a 2 for 4 night but I own Eric Young and want him playing every day. Truthfully I would avoid counting on any of them getting more than 3 starts a week.
Joey Votto had a good night leading the Reds. Does anyone else notice that when Votto has a big night Bruce is nowhere in the box score and vice versa when Bruce is hot Votto is in the midst of an 0-fer night.
Justin Smoak who has been on fire (Smoak-Fire…how many times are you gonna read that combination of words with this guy throughout his career?) simmered tonight. This guy is 1 year away from monster numbers I think. At 6-4 230 lbs and a 24 year old switch hitter…youwza. If you are in a dynasty league try and grab him.

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