Thursday, July 28, 2011

2 Days Worth Of Trades...New Faces In New Places

July 28, 2011: Tampa Traded INF Felipe Lopez to Milwaukee for cash.
(Impacts: With Weeks going the DL for a couple of weeks the Brewers Recalled 2B Eric Farris from Nashville. Farris who is a .262 hitter in his Triple A career will split time with Craig Counsel. Counsel is something like 0 for his last 30. Neither is worth owning at this point and both should bat 8th while getting the start in Milwaukee. Lopez will start in Triple A and is really only an insurance policy for the Brew Crew until Weeks returns.)
July 28, 2011: Mets Traded OF Carlos Beltran to San Francisco for RHP Zack Wheeler.
(Impacts: Looks like Beltran will play RF with Shierholtz going to LF and Torres playing CF. The odd man out will be Huff. He will split time with Belt at 1B. SF is saying it wont release Burrell but I feel he is gone by Sunday.)
July 28, 2011: Cubs Traded OF Kosuke Fukudome to Cleveland for RHP Carlton Smith and OF Abner Abreu.
(Impacts: With the Indians signing Fukudome it tells me Sizemore may be done for the season and Choo is on a slow rehab. Fukudome will get a majority of the starts now, more than in Chicago. His replacement in Chicago will be Tyler Colvin. I would pick up Colvin if you are in need of some OF help this time of year.)
July 27, 2011: Toronto Traded RHP Jason Frasor and RHP Zach Stewart to the Chicago White Sox for RHP Edwin Jackson and INF Mark Teahen. Traded Jackson, RHP Octavio Dotel, LHP Marc Rzepczynski, OF Corey Patterson and three players to be named or cash to St. Louis for OF Colby Rasmus, LHP Brian Tallet, LHP Trever Miller and RHP P.J. Walters.
(Impacts: Listed by player
Edwin Jackson’s move to the National League is a plus for his owners.
Mark Teahen has no value and was only a payroll dump for Chicago.
Frasor, Rzepczynski, and Dotel will not compete for Saves but they still have great value in Holds leagues.
Corey Patterson is a fringe player who will get spot starts and used for pinch running frequently.
Colby Rasmus gets a fresh start and should bat near the top of the Order in Toronto. Look for a bump in his Run production and I feel he will light it up in Toronto very quick. If your leagues owner of Rasmus is down on him go trade for him quickly.)
July 27, 2011Milwaukee Traded C Wil Nieves to Atlanta for cash.
(Impacts: Nieves is only around till McCann is healthy.)

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