Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Great First Name In Cleveland

With Grady going on the DL for the second time this year it may be time to take a look at his replacement. The Indians may own the league record for craziest first names as they inserted Ezequiel Carrera into CF for yesterday’s double header. He responded with 2 SB. We now have the Asdrubal and Ezequiel show in Cleveland.
The guy has no power but has been a solid slap hitter in his 6 years in the minors. The Venezuelan has a career .291 minor league BA, along with an OBP of .372 to date. He walks, hits, steals bases and collect a few runs. This year in 81 minor league games he had 35 SB in 39 attempts.
I picked him up in a couple of leagues where I owned Sizemore. With Sizemore’s recent knee problems he could be out for an extended period of time or be shut down for the season again if Cleveland falls out of the race. The bottom line on this kid is he can get you some quick steals over the next two weeks along with a BA that won’t kill you and score a few runs. He should continue to bat in the 9 hole which can hurt over the long haul, but for a quick fix it is not a real concern. He is definitely worth a spot in deep leagues and AL only Leagues.

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