Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let The 2nd Half Begin

Back from vacation and ready for some baseball. The break for the All-Star game makes me feel like I do in the winter when there is no baseball, hungry for more. This one man show called Fantasy Baseball Vision can become consuming, draining, and fulfilling all-in the same day. The breaks I take here and there make me think what direction I want to take this site. From the responses I get from my readers/followers they enjoy the advice and insight I provide. Feel free to let me know what kinds of articles, postings, projections you would like to see every week. If not for my audience there is really no need for this site, so for that I thank you.
Over the next couple of weeks, until the trade deadline, I will monitor all trades and give feedback on the fantasy impact of those trades. So far we have seen a couple of players moved and their fantasy relevance increased and decreased.
July 13, 2011: The New York Mets traded Francisco Rodriguez to the Milwaukee Brewers for 2 players to be named later from a group of 5 candidates. These players will be moved sometime in September to the Mets.
(Impacts – Francisco Rodriguez loses significant value, he will not close games therefore losing saves. If you are in a Holds league he still has great value. John Axford may occasionally lose a Save but his value remains high. Jason Isringhausen and Bobby Parnell will battle for the Saves in NY, personally I feel Izzy will get the first cal but both are worth owning if you have the space on your roster.)
July 12, 2011: The Toronto Blue Jays traded Juan Rivera to the Los Angeles Dodgers.     (Impacts – Juan Rivera will gain in LF for LA and maybe a look at 1B if he hits and Loney continues to struggle. James Loney will lose a few Abs every week with the arrival of Rivera, and Tony Gwynn Jr become useless. Personally, I would not roster a single one f these players except for in very deep leagues.)
The next trades I see be to completed in the near future will be Beltran going to a contender and Nunez moving to anyone that will take him.

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