Saturday, July 16, 2011

Time To Sit Young Man

That time of year when young SP and those coming back from injury are told they will be shut down in the near future. This happened to one of my SP this week. I have been trying to trade him but no takers even though most league mates haven’t realized why I want to move him. I had been holding off on this post in hopes of moving him before I posted this, but it’s time to let my audience know about the situation in Washington. Jordan Zimmerman has been put on a 160 IP limit for the season. That leaves him roughly 45 innings left, so maybe 6-7 starts. He will be benched by Labor Day and miss 5-6 starts at the end of the season. Back in early June I warned you about these situations especially with Michael Pineda. In the coming weeks more and more SP will be shut down once they are out of the race or have any sign of pain or fatigue. If you own Zimmerman, this weekend would be the time to move him for whatever you can get. By the end of the month he will have absolutely no value.

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