Sunday, July 24, 2011

Time To Stream...2 Start SP

It is getting late in the season and many teams have pitching problems due to injury or innings limits placed on starters. This time of year streaming is even more important to move up in your pitching categories. I have been getting some emails over the summer about the “ethical” quality of streaming. They say it hurts the league as a whole and it’s a loophole in the rules. I feel they have taken my posts to the extreme. I do not suggest you dump your entire SP staff week after week  or day after day and replace them with new guys on a rotating basis. I suggest you could stream 1 SP a week to gain possibly an extra win or a few Ks. I have been in many leagues for many years and I have never seen ANYONE dump their staffs on a daily or weekly basis. Just because the possibility exists does not mean people take it to such an extreme. Personally I wish I had someone in a league trying this tactic because they would end up with high W and K totals but be killed in ERA and WHIP trying to salvage everyone else’s discards from the waiver wire.
With that in mind here is some of the better SP to stream this week that are owned in less than 50 % of leagues. The best attribute os these of the 5 are that they all pitch BOTH games at home this week.
Freddy Garcia (21% owned) SEA~Vargas and BAL~Johnson
Mike Leake (20% owned) NYM~Dickey and SF~Bumgarner
Brandon McCarthy (5% owned) TB~Price and MIN~Pavano
Dustin Mosley (4% owned w/ RP eligibility) ARI~Saunders  COL~Nicasio
Chris Narveson (13% owned w/ RP eligibility) CHC~Dempster HOU~Myers)

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