Sunday, August 28, 2011

3rd Year Dynasty League Will Have Opening For Manager Next Year

A very competitive Dynasty League I compete in is losing a manager after the season. I was asked to solicit for a new, committed, baseball savvy manager. If you are not familiar with Dynasty Leagues here is the breakdown:
General:Head to Head League

The league will be run on Yahoo for starting lineups, stats, standings and scheduling.

A 12 team, 15 player keeper league where team owners take on the role of General Manager for a MLB Franchise and play for the Fantasy World Series. This includes drafting/trading, developing a Farm team for your team's future.

25 man roster, with 5 IR spots. You can not have more than 25 players on your active roster at any one time. (this may seem large but trust me, the MLB is an incredibly deep league... There will be no shortage of talented players and prospects)





Starting Positions will be:

C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, OF, OF, OF, OF, UT,
SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P

Minimum 30 IP to qualify for pitching stat categories.

There is no limit as to how many transactions can be made to your MLB team during the season.

Farm Team:

15 player Farm Team, Minimum Games Played (MGP from now on) will be 300 at bats for Hitters, 150 IP for Starting Pitchers and 50 GP for Relief Pitchers. Neither limit can be exceeded for a pitcher to be considered a prospect. Playoff games played will not count against MGP.

GM's will be able to protect ALL Farm Team players until they reach the MGP. Once they have reached the MGP, If they are called up from the minors or are on the MLB roster at the time the MGP is reached they cannot be sent back down to the Farm system. If they are on the Farm at the time MGP is reached, They can stay on the Farm for the remainder of the season as long as they are not "called up". If you call a player up once he has reached the MGP he will not be eligible to be sent back down.

If at the end of the season a player reaches MGP, they will no longer be eligible to stay down in the minors. The GM owning that player will need to decide to keep/protect that player with one of their 15 keeper spots. If the GM does not protect that player, then the player will go into the Free Agent draft. Of course, all Farm Team players can also be traded before or after MGP, it does not matter. As long as both teams have the correct roster space.

NO Farm team players can be picked up on Yahoo , Without the GM posting the "Call-up" in the forum first.

Also there will be a limit of 15 farm-team players added/dropped during the season, This will not include trades. Only placing a Farm-team player on waivers to claim a different farm team player will be limited to 15 transactions per season


A player must be drafted/signed to an MLB team to be eligible for the prospect draft or Minor League system.

You will be able to keep/protect 15 MLB players total, and ALL Farm Team players who have not reached the MGP.

We will have a 12 RD draft. Rounds 1 and 2 will be considered the prospect draft and are a non-snake format and rounds 3 to 12, will be the veteran draft even though all players can be drafted and will be a SNAKE format.

The order will be determined by the reverse order of the previous year's Regular Season Standings. The only exception will be the Champ picking last no matter where they finished in the regular season.

No team may go over the 15 player limit for their Farm Team. If before the rookie draft you have 15 on the Farm you will need to drop a player, make a trade or "Skip" your pick, But all teams will be given the OTC to do so.

Both Rookie and Free Agent picks can be traded up to 3 years in advance.


Any unwanted players can be waived at any time. The player will be placed on waivers for 2 days, All teams will be able to place their claim if interested, at the end of 2 days Yahoo will award that player to the team with the highest priority in the waiver order (priority starts as the reverse of the 25 round draft order) who put in a claim. If that player has Farm eligibility, he can then be sent down to the minors. All Waiver moves will need to be posted in the Transactions section.

Injured Reserve:

You can add a new player to your roster once you place another player on IR, Up to 5 IR spots

To place a player on the IR simply make a post in the Injured Reserve section of the Transactions board and move the player to an IR section on your roster. You can then pick up a new FA if you so choose.


The Commish along with the Asst. Commissioner has the right to veto any deals that are deemed to be detrimental to the league. This will have to be pretty extreme for us to exercise this rule. any Trades will need to be posted in the Transactions section.


The regular season will be set to end when there are 4 weeks left. We will then have 3 Playoff rounds lasting 1 week, 1week and 2 weeks for the championship. Division winners will be awarded byes through the 1st round of the playoffs.

Maximum player moves per week is 5.


Tanking/Collusion will not be tolerated, Owners should know that if they do this they will be shunned and banished from this league if the Commissioner and Asst. Commissioner feel a manger is blatantly Tanking or Colluding with their franchise.


Managers will need to be active enough that there team is not getting "Skipped" often in the initial draft, and to maintain the upkeep of their team after that. All transactions made will need to be posted on this board by the GM's. Players illegally added on Yahoo without an accompanying post on the message board will be removed from the Yahoo roster after a week. Further penalties can result at the discretion of the Commish.

While smack talk is encouraged, please keep it to a respectable level, and not make it personal. Any problems of this nature will be dealt with by the Commish or Asst. Commish if deemed necessary.

Send me a comment if you have an interest in participating. I won this league in its inaugural season and will be in the playoffs again starting tomorrow for a chance to repeat.


  1. I know it's a month after you posted this, however I am interested in joining this league next season. I've been looking for a league like this for quite some time!

  2. Email me if still interested.