Monday, August 22, 2011

Avoid The Call-Ups

It’s almost that time…September call-ups. Every year managers wait and hope to get that player that had some magic surrounding him back on draft day…that magic was potential. Remember the Dominic Browns, the Jesus Monteros, the Julio Teherans? Then there are those sophomore slumpers like Pedro Alverez and your retreads like Travis Snider and Logan Morrison. All will be called up by the end of next week.
People there is a reason these players are in the minors. That reason is they are not up to snuff for major league duties at this time. Sure they are valuable commodities for Dynasty Leagues but to finish off the last month in your Fantasy League strong, do not try and catch lightning in a bottle with one of these call-ups. You would be better served going over your waiver wire now and see who your opposing managers are dropping in anticipation of these call-ups. I just saw in one league where Jason Bay was dropped for a flier on a call-up. Looks like I will scoop up Bay for a bench spot on my team. Take the everyday mediocre waiver player over the “high potential” part time playing, pinch-hitting; pinch-running soon to be back in the minors’ next year call-up. The only real flier I would take on a call-up would be on a starting pitcher playing against a below .500 team on a short schedule Monday or Thursday in daily leagues...maybe.

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