Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Future Rookie Of The Year Still Available

Looking at some performances over the last 30 days I saw that one of the best young players in the game was only owned in 56% of leagues. He has only played in 17 games to date, and I know that is a small sample size but you need to take notice of this player down the stretch. He was held back earlier this year in the minors by his parent club to gain that all important extra year of team control. They held him back because they knew how good he was.
Here are his stats through his first 17 games. 11Runs, 3HR, 11RBI, 8SB, and hitting .328 while batting leadoff. Let’s extrapolate his current numbers through 153 games played, that 9x what he has done to date. He would have 99Runs, 27HR, 99RBI with 72SB…crazy good numbers, unlikely but some are possible to reach. If he even came close to those next year he is a lock for R.O.Y. in the American league. As of yesterday he was the 19th best ranked OF over the last 30 days…remember, the other OF have at least 6 more games played then him during that stretch.
Of course we are talking about Desmond Jennings…Tampa’s young, reincarnated Carl Crawford. If you are in the hunt for a title and need help in any offensive category you MUST own Jennings if he is available. If you are in keeper leagues…grab him today. Remember that the guy is 24 with both power and speed. He is a legit 30/30 guy down the road and should have better than Crawford numbers at the same age. By 2013 drafts he is a 1st round pick.

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