Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grab Some Carp In Seattle

Back from my last vacation for the summer. Kids started school today, I’m back to work, and ready for the final 6 weeks of baseball. Sorry for the absences of posts for the last week. While on vacation it was time with wife and kids. It was nice to see when I returned that that I still had activity coming to my site…I thank all of you for that… should hit 20K hits this week. Never would have thought that back in January.
Anyways…I think I need to touch on one of the hottest rookies over the last two week. He now has the longest current hitting streak in the Majors (15 games) now that Uggla’s is gone. He has been the 5th best player fantasy wise over the last 14 days.  His line over that time looks like this: 10R 4HR 17RBI and hitting an even .400 during that time. For the year his numbers are pretty much in line from what he has accomplished during his recent hitting streak; 15R 6HR 26RBI while batting .326 in the clean up role for the Mariners.  By now you know we are talking about their rookie named Mike Carp.
Carp got a cup of coffee the last 2 years with the Mariners, but now that the rebuilding mode is in full swing in the North West, Carp will be their cleanup hitter over the next decade.  He has already qualified for both 1B and OF for next year’s fantasy teams. I love that combo a player has, placing him at either CI or OF on my roster. I may be a little behind getting a post on Carp put up but I did pick him up in a couple leagues after he was called up. Now he is in my everyday lineup. The only knock on Carp is his K-rate is around 30% and his BABIP is inflated at this time. He has never hit above .300 at any level until this year. Look for him to be 25HR 90RBI guy who can hit .280 next year.  But for this year grab him today. He was only owned in 10% of leagues last week; he is now up to a 51% ownership.

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