Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Injured Mets

With the Mets losing two more infielders recently, we need to see if their replacements have any value to the fantasy community. It looks like Ruben Tejada will take over for Reyes while he is down and super utility man Justin Turner will be back on the field to replace the other  injured super utility man Daniel Murphy. It looks like Murphy is definitely out for the season and Reyes will be out for at least the 15 days with a sore hammy. Do not read into the Mets injury speak because they are notorious for spinning the news on its injured players. Remember Beltr├ín, Santana, Wright, Davis, and previous Reyes injuries. They can make a day to day statement on a player last 6 months.
Anyway, is either replacement worth picking up? Short answer, no! Both hit around 250 with less than a little power, relatively no speed, and will be hitting in the 2 hole and 8 hole. They could be changed in the order routinely depending on the matchups. Another downfall for these two is their defense. Turner has a.963 fielding % and Tejada brings in a horrible .932% at SS in 2011. This will have a trickledown effect on any Mets pitchers you own. So to recap avoid these replacements and take caution on your Mets pitchers you own, these replacements could cost you a W or a Save.

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