Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Closer To Grab...Or Not

After Francisco Rodriguez was traded to The Brewers a month ago I posted that Jason Isringhausen would take over the closing duties for the Mets. (This post) Now that Izzy has reached his 300th Save (minor accomplishment) the Mets are stating that the other past contender for the closer’s spot will be Bobby Parnell. Many thought Parnell would get the job last month but I begged to differ and actually caught a lot of flak for suggesting Izzy at the time and was correct by picking him up.
Well, now is now and Parnell will be showcased for the possible jobon next years team. Do not think he has an iron glad grip on the job though. Him and Izzy could be sharing duties by this time next week. His stuff has been mediocre at best this year. He can and will strike out hitters but the rest of his game is not closer material. If you pick him up, you may get a few Ks and Saves but he is no help (actually will hurt) to your ERA or WHIP. If you are in desperate need of Saves grab him now…if not let another manger take the bait.

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