Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Some Of The Greatest Logos From The Past

Over the last half century baseball logos have changed, evolved and re-invented themselves in color and design. Below are some of my favorites from the past. Many logos remind me of certain teams and or players associated with them.
This logo reminds me of the South Siders during the late 70's and 80's. Harold Bains and his sweet lefty swing at old Comisky Park. The demolition of Disco and Carlton Fisk hitting for the cycle, getting a triple (his only one of the year) off Dan Quesenberry.

Pre-Griffey Jr. days when the Mariners were absolutely awful. They had one season of over 74 wins during the early 80's. Bad team great logo, the Trident shaped into the Mariner's "M".

Tampa Bay's inaugural logo. Pre political correctness when they could use the word "devil". The Devil Ray gliding across the rainbow oval was unique for the time. They were so bad early on but I do remember Boggs getting his 3000th hit in those uni's. Can you name 3 players pre 2000 from any Devil Rays team? There was the Crime Dog and Boggs of course...and Rolando Arrojo led the team in Wins...Who?

The Big Red Machine. 1975 and 1976 the best teams ever. I think one year they only lost 15 games at home. Rose, Griffey, Morgan, Bench, Foster, Perez, Conception, and the great name of Cesar Geronimo. That was a line-up.

The Astrodome with the galaxy of baseballs in orbit. This logo reminds me of a few things. First were the awful uni's (on one list rated worst ever). Next was the Bad News Bears playing there in that horrible movie. Last was one of the most under rated Pitchers ever, JR Richards. Check out some of his history.

To me one of coolest logos of all time. The Friar with the bat and his sandals...classic. They too had the turd colored uni's of the late 70's. Everyone remembers Ozzie Smith making that bare handed pick up the middle, falling down then jumping to his feet to throw out Jeff Burroughs.

Just a little trip back in the past as we all wait for the hot stove league to finish. Only 117 days until 1st pitch.

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