Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Target & Avoid NY METS

This year’s version of the Mets looks bleak at first glance. They lost their best player to a division rival but have others returning from injury.  If you look back the Mets blew more save chances than anyone in baseball-24 in total. If they could have won half those games they would have looked more like the Braves, at least in record. The biggest thing to remember for the 2012 Mets is that the fences are being brought in. This should definitely help all the RH Mets players. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think the Mets will contend in the East but they will be a respectable team that can finish over .500 in 12’.


Jason Bay – OF

Jason Bay is almost a forgotten commodity after coming to the Mets. What people forget is he had nearly 200 HR between the Pirates and RedSox, actually averaging 26HR a year. Since joining the Mets he has grand total of 18 over the last 2 seasons. He had 15 more RBI in his last year in Boston than he has had in NY over the last 2 years. No way will he go that bad at the plate again. Citi Field now has the closer fences which was done with Bay in mind by management. I not saying to draft him as your anchor OF but as a 4th OF he will out produce your expectations. The former ROY is a career .863 OPS hitter, that is 28th overall for all active players.


The Mets Bullpen for Saves

The reason I say this is because the three who are likely to close; Francisco, Rauch, and Parnell had WHIPs over 1.30 last year. Remember last year when Parnell was to take over the Closers role once Rodriguez went to Milwaukee? Then it went to 40 year old Isringhausen because management did not have confidence in him.  Now comes in Francisco and Rauch from Toronto and their 1.32 and 1.35 WHIPs respectively. The early report is Francisco gets the nod but that can change quickly. Neither is worth a draft pick. If you are strapped for saves after the draft be ready with quick fingers to snag the replacement Closer by early May.

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