Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Prospects and Drafting Part 1

By Corey R. Cunningham

A look inside yahoo sports draft room, where your top position prospects are getting drafted. Take a look at each position so you can take advantage of where to make your picks for your dynasty league and or keeper league. (As of late February)


Devin Mesoraco: Rd 21 pick 228

J.P. Arencibia: Rd 16 pick 175

Wilson Ramos: Rd 19 pick 213

I really like all these picks, this late in the draft; however, I will take my chances with Mesoraco later in the draft. I feel He has more upside than the other two, even though Ramos and Arencibia have experience and have proven they can both hit for power.

First Baseman-

Eric Hosmer: Rd 7 pick 74

Paul Goldschmidt: Rd 12 pick 139

Anthony Rizzo: Rd 21 pick 230

If you need a 1B, I will draft Hosmer all day, and he will be your guy for the next 10-12 years. There is no doubt in my mind, you can wait to draft a 1B in the first 6 rounds, go and get 4 offensive players, and two top SP, and then come back to draft Hosmer who will be a keeper. The power is there for Goldschmidt, however, the .avg scares me, and Rizzo more than likely will visit AAA for a half-season or possibly more.

Second Baseman-

Dustin Ackley: Rd 12 pick 230

Jemile Weeks: Rd 14 pick 157

Jose Altuve: Rd 23 pick 224

I Take Ackley all day here, not that I am putting down Weeks, but, all I see is Avg and SB, which I believe you can get almost from Ackley as well as 10-15 more HR. Ackley will always be a contact hitter, and there is not much difference in offenses between A’s and Seattle, but I will stick with Seattle.

Third Baseman-

Brett Lawrie: Rd 5 pick 54

Mike Moustakas: Rd 16 pick 180

Lonnie Chisenhall: Rd 23 pick 258

Lawrie seems to be the pick with no doubt, however, I will be looking at other positions in the draft in round 5, perhaps a top SP, because I am probably taking 4 offensive players already, therefore, I will take my chances and wait until round 16 to go after my 3B with Moustakas. Not sure what to expect this year, however, I am hoping for 20 HR, and .270 Avg at the 16th round, if so, it’s a steal.


Zack Cozart: Rd 20 pick 223

Tyler Pastornicky: Rd 23 pick 228

Ruben Tejada: Rd 21 pick 232

This is a toss up, depends on what your team already looks like (too many players from one team is a no-no in my eyes) may depend on your strategy. However, I am taking Cozart, due to his ability to hit 20-20 that no other SS did last year. Tejada will try to be replacing the missed Jose Reyes and has BIG shoes to fill, and Pastornicky will be hitting in a lineup that needs to prove itself. Heyward needs to get back to his prospect self, and Freeman needs to keep up his rookie season, without going into the sophomore slump.


Bryce Harper: Rd 18 pick 201

Lucas Duda: Rd 20 pick 222

Alex Presley: Rd 22 pick 229

Yes, yes, yes, I know, everyone wants Harper, well you can have him, and I will take Presley. In an offense of Pittsburgh that seems to be coming together and was over .500 last year seemed promising to me. With the last couple years in the top 5 of first round picks, I like this team as what I call, (‘The Tampa Bay Sleeper Team’). Perhaps not this year, But in 13’ and more likely in 14’, here come the Buco’s. Keep McCuthen, and add Taillon and Cole to the SP positions you have one of the best young talented teams on paper. Do it the right way and put your prospects on the field and keep your team salary in the 60MM-70MM range.

Starting Pitchers-

Drew Pomeranz: Rd 22 pick 234

Julio Teheran: Rd 22 pick 236

Vance Worley: Rd 22 pick 240

Take a look above, it’s really close in round 22 and I know who is getting picked, yep those 3 SP in round 22. Teheran is the talk about prospect, but did not have a good September call up and will be challenged for the 5th overall spot by Delgado, Pomeranz moves to Colorado, and we all know that’s not exactly the PPP (perfect pitchers paradise). I take Worley, he has proven himself, and I believe in most rotations he is the 3rd starter, however, in Philly, he sits at No 4. or No 5. If you are a guy who traded top picks, hopefully you landed a lot of round 22 picks, I would take all 3 SP here in this round, low risk – high reward.

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