Thursday, March 8, 2012

Prospects and Drafting Part 2

By Corey R. Cunningham

Looking back approximately 15 days later on in the drafting cycle, let’s take a look to where these top prospect position players are getting drafted now.


Devin Mesoraco: Rd 21 pick 228 (Before) : (Now) Rd 21 Pick 228

J.P. Arencibia: Rd 16 pick 175 (Before) : (Now) Rd 16 Pick 176

Wilson Ramos: Rd 19 pick 213 (Before) : (Now) Rd 19 Pick 214

Not much change in the value here at this position, although I still prefer Mesoraco as having the higher upside, just due to the fact he has more offense around him in my opinion. I would be inclined to take Ramos however, I think him or Mesoraco could be dynasty league type catchers.

First Baseman-

Eric Hosmer: Rd 7 pick 74 (Before): (Now) Rd 7 Pick 74

Paul Goldschmidt: Rd 12 pick 139 (Before): (Now) Rd 12 Pick 134

Anthony Rizzo: Rd 21 pick 230 (Before): (Now) Rd 21 Pick 232

Not much change once again, as I don’t anticipate to much significant change in any of these players or draft positions. However, Goldschmidt did move up in the picks as Rizzo moved down just slightly. I am a bit worried about Goldschmidt and his contact, not sure if he is an AGON or Howard type. Seeing I can still acquire Hosmer in round 7, I will hold out until the 6th round for him, and make him my 1B for my career dynasty league.

Second Baseman-

Dustin Ackley: Rd 12 pick 139 (Before) : (Now) Rd 12 Pick 141

Jemile Weeks: Rd 14 pick 157 (Before) : (Now) Rd 14 Pick 158

Jose Altuve: Rd 23 pick 224 (Before) : (Now) Rd 24 Pick 241

I believe Altuve and his value have decreased just due to the lack of offense which the Astros provide. Still feel as if Ackley has the better value at Rd 12 than Weeks at Rd 14 just due to the more tools I feel Ackley has.

Third Baseman-

Brett Lawrie: Rd 5 pick 54 (Before) : (Now) Rd 5 Pick 53

Mike Moustakas: Rd 16 pick 180 (Before) : (Now) Rd 17 Pick 184

Lonnie Chisenhall: Rd 23 pick 258 (Before) : (Now) Rd 23 Pick 257

After seeing Moustakas in his spring debut and other practices, I do like him as a gamble in Rd 17, but for now as a back up only. Not much 3B depth this year, and taking how Hosmer is going after Lawrie scares me a bit, but I will still take my chances with Lawrie here, and hope to have my CI spots taken up by the some of the best up and coming power hitting prospects.


Zack Cozart: Rd 20 pick 223 (Before) : (Now) Rd 21 Pick 228

Tyler Pastornicky: Rd 23 pick 228 (Before) : (Now) Rd 22 Pick 223

Ruben Tejada: Rd 21 pick 232 (Before) : (Now) Rd 21 Pick 237

I am taking Cozart and that late in the draft; I might just wait and make him my starting SS. I know his injury last year slowed him down, and perhaps may have some worried, but it’s a gamble worth taking. I am not sold on Pastornicky as there are many holes in the Atlanta lineup and a lot of players that need to prove themselves in my opinion before they become draft high eligible.


Bryce Harper: Rd 18 pick 201 (Before) : (Now) Rd 19 Pick 209

Lucas Duda: Rd 20 pick 222 (Before) : (Now) Rd 20 Pick 220

Alex Presley: Rd 22 pick 229 (Before) : (Now) Rd 23 Pick 245

Still a toss up here, as all these prospects need to prove themselves, but for right now as I have been contemplating with Duda, I may have to take a look at Presley as a 4th OF for my team, and perhaps hope to draft both Duda and Presley as High-Risk, High-Reward type players.

Starting Pitchers-

Drew Pomeranz: Rd 22 pick 234 (Before) : (Now) Rd 22 Pick 239

Julio Teheran: Rd 22 pick 236 (Before) : (Now) Rd 22 Pick 238

Vance Worley: Rd 22 pick 240 (Before) : (Now) Rd 22 Pick 238

No doubt in my mind that Pomeranz and Worley make the opening day roster for both of their respected teams; however, I cannot say the same for Teheran. With Hudson down for at least a month now, it will be an uphill battle for the overall 5th starting spot with Beachey, Teheran, and Delgado. I still take Worley who will be in the 4 hole, behind Hamels and in front of Blanton.

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