Monday, April 16, 2012

Hit the FA Wire, Like Now!!!

By Corey R. Cunnigham

Houston Astros CF Jordan Schafer is off to a good start, at least the best you can get with the Astros, and the poor offensive line up they bring everyday to the ball park. However, I would still say the Astros can score some runs, looking at them through the first two weeks of the season, they seem to be playing good together.

If you are in need of SB, R, and TB I would suggest going to the FA Wire and grabbing him. He has 5 SB and 8 R scored thus far, and is the leadoff man for the Astros. With J.D. Martinez and Carlos Lee batting 3rd and 4th, Schafer has many opportunities to score a lot of Runs and steal bases. Jordan can also add a Hit or two during each game, as well as drawl a coupled of BB as he had 3 in Saturdays show down.

Seattle Mariner DH Jesus Montero is another hot hitting player. Montero ended his 8 game hitting streak on Sunday, however, the guy is still hitting .323 with 1 HR, and 5 RBI. Although most of his hits are singles, with 1 2B, he is still hitting, and for a team like Seattle who was predicted to finish dead last in the Division and produce little offense, they are hanging on strong and playing games like they should be.

Montero should not be on the FA Wire, and if he is, no questions asked, scoop him up. He will produce in every offensive category your league has and I would start him every day with confidence. By Mid May or June he should be C and DH eligible which will boost his value.

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