Friday, May 4, 2012

Maybin?...Maybe Not

I, like many of you, thought on draft day that getting Cameron Maybin in the late teen rounds was a great steal. We had envisions of a .270 lead-off hitter with a little power and 40+ SB potential. Well, that was then and this is now. I recently dropped him in one league after picking up Luke Scott a couple of weeks back. I actually dropped Maybin yesterday and picked up Mujica just to block someone else from taking a flier on him. That’s how disappointed I am with Maybin. Now that we are more than 15% into the Fantasy season it’s time to make some tough decisions on our underperforming draft choices.

In Maybin’s case he is taking a few more walks which is good but that is about all the good I can say for him. His K rate is at 30% which will cost him time out of the lead-off spot sooner than later. Since he plays in the cavernous Petco Park I envisioned 30+ Doubles and even double digit Triples this year. But what I got was I leadoff hitter who can’t and I mean can’t hit lefties while striking out way too much. This year Maybin’s line is .094/.147/.188 against lefties with 1 RBI. The Padres have played 17 of the 25 games at home too. Like I mentioned earlier it’s that time of the season where tough decisions need to be made and you make those decisions from data analyzed and then draw conclusions from your analysis. When I see a player hitting .094 against lefties I see eventual loss of playing time and no stats for my fantasy squad. Do not get me wrong I think Maybin is a good young player but as far as fantasy goes he can go through those growing pains on someone else’s team in the near future.

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