Monday, May 14, 2012

Minor League Quick Hits

By Corey R. Cunningham

-         Will Myers, the Royals No. 2 prospect plays 3B for first time since High School

-         Bryce Brentz goes 5-5 for Portland Sea Dogs, he is batting .432 last 10 games

-         Drew Pomeranz recoups in sharp start in AAA

-         Padres 2011 1st round pick, Spangenberg raises BA over .300, 10 game Hit Streak

-         Cleveland’s Matt Laporta batting .336 for AAA Columbus

-         Pittsburgh prospect Rudy Owens has ERA of 2.25 2-1, with 31 K

-         Cubs Prospect Anthony Rizzo, hitting .351 with 11 HR, 34 RBI

-         Travis Snider hitting in AAA Las Vegas, batting .341 4HR, 26 RBI

-         Houston Prospect Dallas Keuchel has ERA of 1.85 with a record of 4-2

-         Senators Pitching Prospect Daniel Rossenbaum has ERA of 0.71, 5-0 record

-         Mets Pitching Prospect, Zack Wheeler has ERA of 2.05, 2-2 record

As injuries start to happen, more and more often, look for the AAA players to make a call up to the big leagues sooner rather than later. Myers still a year or two away from MLB. Brentz could be called up in September just to get a glance at his ability to handle MLB pitching. Pomeranz should be recalled after another two good starts in AAA. If Casey Kotchman continues to struggle BA wise in Cleveland, look for Laporta to get another glance in the big leagues. As long as LaHair is still hitting the ball for the Cubs, Rizzo will stay in AAA Iowa, pending injury to starting OF in Chicago. Rossenbaum should be promoted to AAA Syracuse here in the next couple of weeks; however, they have one of the best starting pitching staffs in the Majors right now.

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