Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pondering on what to do???

By Corey R. Cunningham
In just a couple of days, a handful of decisions will have to be made not only my MLB teams, but your fantasy baseball teams. With players coming off the DL, and other players playing too good to go back down to AAA, it's going to be a tough decision for both sides of management.

Kevin Youkilis and Will Middlebrooks is the first problem. Middlebrooks is playing really good since being called up to take Youks spot in the lineup, not sure what Ben Cherrington and Bobby Valentine will decide, however, it will take a toll on fantasy owners, who like myself have taken the time to add Middlebrooks to the lineup.

Arizona Diamondbacks and Paul Goldschmidt. Paul is not exactly handling the offensive side of his game very well right now, as he is under a .220 BA for the season, and just has a handful of HR. I did draft him in the 20th round of my Money League, and was hoping he would be my 1B of the future, however, I am struggling to keep him on the roster, and he has started every game for me that he starts for the Diamondbacks.

San Francisco Giants and Brandon Belt. Bruce Bochey stated earlier in the season Brandon Belt was on a long leash compared to last year. Belt would have every opportunity to prove himself to start every day. Belt has yet to prove himself to the Giants and struggles to make the starting lineup 3 days a week. While Aubrey Huff has been out, Belt still has yet to get the everyday job, even if it was just for a week.

Angels in the Outfield, have almost figured out the situation, yet far away as well. The Nationals for about 3 years now, have been linked to several different CFs that are needed in Washington, and the recent years have been talks about B.J. Upton going to Washington, now the most recent news is the Nationals have been linked to CF Peter Bourjos. With the Angels dropping Abreu, that leaves them with 5 starting OF, Wells, Hunter, Bourjos, Trout and Trumbo.

Taking a look at the above problems for a handful of teams, the main problems rely on young talented players with just 2 years or less in the MLB. It’s going to take some time for each and every problem to get figured out, however, if you are addicted to Fantasy Baseball, you need to pay attention to what the teams add/drops are, and be quick with the click of the mouse to make adjustments. If you are not quick, and if you fall asleep during the season, you will drop quickly in the standings and your player(s) are gone off the FA wire. Trades are not something that happen very often in my leagues of play, however, as the season gets going, teams who Loses are more than their Wins, it tends to help the Trade Wire, so keep an eye out on teams with a subpar .500 record or less, and take a shot at some of their top players and toss them a draft pick or two for next year’s draft.

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