Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rollins Aint Rollin'

Is Jimmy Rollins worth owning anymore? I currently own him in only 1 league and it is a point’s league. I wanted to know if it was just the point’s league format that is making him look weak against the other SS in baseball or has his time come to be labeled a bench player at best in all formats. Back on draft day he was ranked 7th best SS available. To date he is listed at 18th best on Yahoo. His current line of .295 OBP is higher than his SLG% at .283. That is not what I wanted when I drafted him. So I started to look further back to just see how he has regressed since his MVP year. Excluding last year’s numbers a pretty frightening trend developed. A trend heading due south in all production categories. Here are his BA, his OBP, and his SLG for years 08’-09’-10’-12’
Average           .277     .250     .243     .229
OBP                .349     .296     .320     .295
SLG%             .437     .423     .374     .283
Truly, these numbers are alarming. 50 points off your average in 4 years, 160 points off your slugging in 4 years. As we have seen other 30 something year old SS move to 3B and 2B in their careers, I cannot see Rollins moving to another position and be a productive fantasy hitter.  To date he is no more than a MI at best in terms of fantasy.  MI that are hitting 8th in lineups are more productive than Rollins this year. Dee Gordon has more RBI; Zach Cozart has 3 more HR, Pastornicky is hitting 40 points higher, and Robert Andino has more hits, HR and RBI than Rollins. Yep its time to get off the Rollins train and find some a decade younger to fill the void.

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